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what are some wholesome recreation ideas?

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What are some recreation ideas with a few friends in the congregation? Including a variety of age group in the congregation. Psalms 133

I thought of volleyball. Karaoke and lip singing to some theocratic songs.and other songs.what are some other ideas?


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I imagine that certain things are done less often on an island than on the mainland. Cards, camping, surfing/beach party with 🔥, snorkeling. Museums. There are some excellent board games, like GO or Dominos. There is a great softball type of game called “Over-the-Line”, played with two teams of three people. Good fun, good exercise, played on the sand usually, and doesn’t take a lot of room to play, and the rules are pretty simple. Frisbee. Frisbee a Golf! Badminton. Sand Castle building.

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Since you appear to live on an island - I would guess you are wanting ideas that can be done in your actual location, other than swimming - and, perhaps, things that can be done at someones home ...


Bible Pictionary


Name That Bible Book

There is a game where someone has all the Bible books written down in alphabetic order. When it is your turn, the person with with the lists asks you if there are any Bible books that start with the letter they name. You try to answer with a Bible book that starts with that letter. If you get it right you get to stay in the game. If you miss one or give a name that is not a Bible book, you are out for that game. You keep going until you either run out of Bible books or all people are eliminated. You do not keep score.


The Tie-game

With this one you start with two ties that are different colors (scarfs or even soft rope/cord will work)

One of the ties is designated as the "one-knot-tie" and the other one is designated the "two-knot-tie"

Two people across from each other each hold one of the ties. When the start signal is given, the person with the one-know-tie has to tie and then untie a single knot in the tie with the tie around your neck (you know, like the first step in tying your shoes) and then they pass the tie to the person on their left. That person does the same thing and passes it on and each person does the same as it makes it's way around the circle.

The person with the two-knot-tie has to tie two single knots and then untie them with the tie around their neck and pass the tie t the person on their left. The next person does the same thing and passes it on and each person does the same as this tie also makes it's way around the circle.

Obviously, it should take longer to tie two knots then it does to tie one knot - so, sooner or later both ties will end up being given to the same person at the same time. When that happens, that person is out for that game.

You put the two ties across from each other again like at the beginning and start another round. You continue until only one person is left. You do NOT keep score.

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