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'Queen James version' first gay bible published

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'Queen James version' first gay bible published

The world's first 'gay bible' has been published to coincide with the debate on same-sex marriage.

Titled the 'Queen James Bible', its editors claim that it is a re-working of the King James Bible translated in a way that "prevents homophobic misinterpretation of God's Word".

'Homosexuality was first overtly mentioned in the Bible in 1946 in the Revised Standard Version. There is no mention of or reference to homosexuality in any Bible prior to this – only interpretations have been made', the book's official website said (queensjamesbible.com).

The publication was printed and bound in the United States.

The sales pitch on the website says: 'you can’t choose your sexuality, but you can choose Jesus. Now you can choose a Bible, too'.

"The Queen James Bible addresses those controversial verses editing them very slightly for interpretive clarity. The edits all confirm that the Bible does not condemn homosexuality, and therefore renders such interpretations impossible," the editors continued.




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Revelation 22:18-19:" “I am bearing witness to everyone that hears the words of the prophecy of this scroll: If anyone makes an addition to these things, God will add to him the plagues that are written in this scroll; 19 and if anyone takes anything away from the words of the scroll of this prophecy, God will take his portion away from the trees of life and out of the holy city, things which are written about in this scroll.

Proverbs 30:5,6: "Every saying of God is refined. He is a shield to those taking refuge in him. 6. Add nothing to his words, that he may not reprove you, and that you may not have to be proved a liar."

Deutoronomy 4:2; Deutoronomy 12:32; Galatians 1:8; So they will have seen enough warnings during their translating - "on their own heads be it!" (Psalm 7:16)

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:wall: Disgusting christendom! :sick:

Or...am I offensive saying that?!:secret:

You are not "offensive"! The Bible uses stronger words then that! She is the most reprehensible part of Babylon the Great who the Bible calls a drunken whore! :upset:

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That's just SO wrong! The world is So gay and Christendom bears a huge responsibility.

Psalm 92:7 says: "When the wicked ones sprout as the vegetation, and all the practicers of what is hurtful blossom forth, It is that they may be annihilated forever"

Of course it shouldn't surprise us that this sort of blasphemy should happen.

Rev 16:1-10 describes how God's angels pour out 7 bowls of anger, onto the earth, the sea, the sun ... and the throne of the wild beast etc. Verse 11 shows the end result saying "but they blasphemed the God of heaven for their pains and for their ulcers and they did not repent of their works."

The blasphemy is on record now. It's all down in writing and will be used against them when the time comes.

Come Lord Jesus!

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One of the talks at our last District Convention discussed the subject of homosexuality, not whether it is wrong or not because that's a given, but our attitude toward it, do we condone it, or approve of the lifestyle in some way. Because as Dave says, the world is so Gay! It's EVERYWHERE, and EVERYONE approves of it.

I was talking to a sister in the congregation who told me she feels sorry for gay people because they can't help it, they're born that way. :perplexed:

We have to be so careful. We don't hate these people, but we DETEST the lifestyle because Jehovah does.

To change the Bible to suit their wickedness is just disgusting!

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Have you ever seen a newborn baby steeling? :blushing: or committing extortion? :crying: perhaps telling lies? :ohmy: or maybe being a drunkard? :nope: how about committing fornication? :eek:

Of course not!

Even when they are 6 month old they are not doing these things. If later in life they get involved in these things, do we say they were "born that way"? or do we realize that they chose to do these things.

Well, 1 Cor 6:9,10 puts these acts in the same place as "men kept for unnatural purposes" and "men who lie with men" - homosexuals. So, they are not "born that way".

Some people are born male or female ... these are normal conditions. Some are born with bad hearts, non-working kidneys, blind, deaf or mentally challenged. These are not normal conditions.

Sexual orientation is a choice not a birth condition!

Jehovah does not overlook homosexuality because they want to blame it on their genetics ... neither should we. :readbible:

"Let all things take place decently and by arrangement."
~ 1 Corinthians 14:40 ~

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The Bible condemns certain practices whatever their origin (genetic etc).

It is not unreasonable to think that there may be imperfections relating to the way the brain functions which are present at birth and over which the individual has no control, just as there are genetic problems which affect physical characteristics. Various 'syndromes' are evidenced by behavoural symptoms but have their origin in genetic imperfections.

We know inside our minds what our gender is. Some unfortunate individuals are convinced in their minds of their gender, but their physical body belies that belief - i.e. transgender individuals (a woman born in a man's body and vice versa). I do not see that as a lifestyle choice - but a tragic result of imperfection attributable to Adamic sin. An attraction to the opposite sex is a natural and 'normal' part of human experience. I do not see that attraction to one's own sex is necessarily purely a lifestyle choice, but may be attributable to imperfection due to Adamic sin too. (In some cases it may be a choice but I think it can be dangerous to generalise on these things).

John mentioned stealing as something not inherited, but a lifestyle choice, and I agree. But what about kleptomania? Is that a lifestyle choice? or is there a mental imperfection involved there?

The Bible does not address the causes of these things, but the practice of them. Whatever predilections a person has is immaterial, the Bible condemns the unrepentant practice of sin.

We rightly condemn the sin, not the sinner, hoping that they will cease their unclean practices and come into a right relationship with Jehovah before it is too late. Whatever imperfections due to Adamic sin we may have, Jehovah will cure them.

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Thanks for your comments. I have explained to persons in the ministry that people are found to have a genetic tendency toward having a bad temper,or alcoholism, but that means that they have to work harder to overcome those impulses, It is similar with homosexuality and many other sinful tendencies - we all have weaknesses that can lead us into sin, but we can also make choices, and can choose not to give in to them.

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You guys are awesome. I am glad i found this site.

Heb 10 - thank you for being such an encouragement to me!

Plan ahead as if Armageddon will not come in your lifetime, but lead your life as if it will come tomorrow (w 2004 Dec. 1 page 29)





Soon .....


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The Devil is really blinding the minds. Revelation say do not add or take away from Jehovah's words. We know that this is wrong. Jehovah is going clean up the earth. They haver a saying "You can get by, but can get away. All that Satan is doing will soon come to an end. The important thing right are making Jehovah's name and Kingdom known. While this the first gay bible is around the truth cannot be hidden because it Jehovah's WIll to make everything the way he purpose. The first gay bible will be gone in second in Jehovah's eyes. Just pray that people eyes will be open before the end comes.

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