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  1. I'm not sure what is the purpose of all these threads. This is a forum for discussion, not for searching images.
  2. This is very good. I tried it with the keyword "bread", and sure enough it found the broadcast about grieving the holy spirit, the one when the brother used bread to illustrate the difference with grieving and sinning against the spirit. Bicycle will find the one about distributing literature in Africa. Its like the Publication Index for videos.
  3. Although Charles will be crowned King, Camilla won't became Queen, but Queen Consort. And then there are those who would prefer to skip the generation and go straight on to crown William and Catherine. The monarchy is back in favour with many people because of Will and Kate.
  4. There is a high school in my area (for ages 11-16) that now allows boys to use the girls toilets and vice versa. They not allow to stop them as it will be judging their sexuality. Can someone explain to me what it feels like to be a woman. Since I am a man, I have no idea what it feels like to be a woman, so how can I even begin to tell if I'm really a woman inside a man's body? I did read that there are now over 50 genders to choose from, so take your pick.
  5. This point struck me Philip Brumley, general counsel for Jehovah’s Witnesses, noted the contradiction in the government’s stance: “On the one hand, the government refuses alternative civilian service to young Witnesses because they are ‘extremists,’ while on the other hand, it demands that these ‘extremists’ be inducted into the army. Does it make sense that the government would allow ‘extremists’ to be in the army?”
  6. I used to record conventions on a Samsung Yepp mp3 player/recorder, or sometimes with my phone. Both older devices, but done the job. It needed to have the earphones plugged in as this acted like an aerial.
  7. “Who Is on Jehovah’s Side?” - The Dramatic Bible Reading from the 2016 convention is now for download
  8. So in a round-about kind of way, you already had a revised NWT before the 2013 English revised translation.
  9. Any news on why or how it happened? Was it a random attack? Did the attacker have some grudge against him personally or the Witnesses in general?
  12. 2018 Convention Drama !!
  13. No pictures until its released.
  14. This was the June 2017 monthly announcement.
  15. Will it improve my singing voice