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  1. This was being discussed this morning during FS. Someone received the info through facebook who passed it to someone else etc. Had to spoil their excitement and tell them it was fake before it spread.
  2. Do you use JW Library? Then using the file explorer go to the folder. (Folder may be hidden) C:\Users\ <your user name here> \AppData\Local\Packages\WatchtowerBibleandTractSo.45909CDBADF3C_5rz59y55nfz3e\LocalState\Publications There you find the folders for the publications you have downloaded. Inside them will be the image files. Or what about Epubs? Use an extractor like 7zip to extract the epub file. Images are located in the folder OEBPS\Images Or open the publication from within Watchtower Online Library or, click on the image and right-click, save as. Much easier that extracting images from the PDFs. Of course, if you need the pdf image, then please ignore my ramblings.
  3. Special report on JWB
  4. Updated my personal laptop with Microsoft's latest Windows OS. Seems to work fine so far. However somehow during the update I lost all my Edge Favourites bookmarks. So warning - backup first before updating. Liking the night-light feature that reduces the blue-light from the screen. The Paint 3D app is nice, but not something I will use. And the important apps - JW Library and Watchtower Library still work without problems. Edge can now open ePubs. Good ePub readers are lacking in Windows, and this one works nicely.
  5. Fake news as someone would say Would be great if a positive result was announced the day before and our brothers can enjoy the memorial in peace.
  6. Sorry, didn't mean to sound like I was comparing you with them. It just "reminded" me of that situation.
  7. This reminds of what a brother and sister did some years ago (still do). They stop reading and using in the ministry the Awake! magazine, only the Watchtower. Why? Because apparently the Watchtower is written by the Governing Body and the Awake is not. What faulty reasoning that is. The GB are only men (at the moment).
  8. You looked on until a stone was cut out, not by hands, and it struck the image on its feet of iron and of clay and crushed them.
  9. Check for a Pending Update in JW Library. Its only April that has updated and lost its colour.
  10. The workbook had to be updated because the 3rd sample presentation video wasn't showing in the list. The graphics files are still the same size. As for the colour coding
  11. Maybe they have been forced into not uploading the pictures until the last minute because they don't want them leaked beforehand.
  12. My letter + envelope weighed 9g. A letter to Russia 10g or 20g costs £1.17. I used the online postage system to buy and print postage labels.
  13. I too think that Russia is the King of the North. How the prophecy in Daniel will work out, we will have to wait and see. It could be that other countries "learn" from Russia's example which in turn leads to the ban on all religion. When you see what is going on in Russia at the moment, the protests, the news station being replaced, opposition leader jailed, why o why is the Russian government persecuting innocent peace-loving people!! The world is now in cloud cuckoo land.
  14. Its hard to say if the poster of the petition is a brother or not. But an online petition can be ignored. In fact will he ever know about it. Millions of letters cannot be ignored.