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    A knock on the door. Seriously, I was very involved in the church but left because of the immorality, though I too was a part of it. Then I began having domestic problems, but felt it was God punishing me for leaving the church. So amidst all the turmoil prayed for God to help me and to forgive me for leaving the church. Then, I couldn't understand it then, but I felt a calmness, got into bed and the next morning two sisters knocked at my door! This is why when I hear of experiences of someone praying and a sister or brother knocks at their door, I can really relate.

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    Music, dancing, research, reading, thinking, writing...not necessarily in that order. Lol.
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    Bible of course and our literature. Secularly: drama, classics, architecture, museums, book stores, libraries.
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    Kingdom melodies of course. Secularly: jazz, old school, latin, blues.
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    Honeymooners, I love Lucy, Court dramas, Investigation such as FBI Files, etc.
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    "What goes around comes around." However, I like how Jehovah says it: "...For whatever a man is sowing; this he will also reap..."

    Think outside the box. Jehovah says that better too at Eph. 4:22-24.

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  1. Well folks, though my new gym considers cycling a class, personally I consider working out a class.

    So today I had my very first class today called "Total Body" and it truly worked the total body. It was serious work, yet so much fun! 

    But it wouldn't be fair to say it was all me. A woman took me under her wings and very patiently showed me the proper way to even hold the kettles, dumbbells, how to properly move my body. I honestly don't know what I would've done without her. I mean, the trainer did his part (it wasn't Yusuf though, he had a class prior to this one), but the trainer for the "Total Body" said I did good. 

    So I'm going to stay with this class until I'm strong enough for Yusef's class (abs and butt) which is a bit more strenuous I was told, plus continue with the cycling, though according to their posted schedule Yusuf also has the "Total Body" class too at times. Actually, I think you can do all the classes if you have the time. They even have running called the 14 day challenge to lose weight, though I don't think I'm interested. 

    I feel I'm finally doing something other than ride a stationary bike. :yes:

    But actually, I'm still a member of Planet Fitness, which I'll remain until next summer when the contract ends. This way I can use them to practice some "moves" once I'm at PRX. 


    1. Luezette


      And even though in the past I've felt good after working out at Planet Fitness (which was and is still the best, in my opinion, compared to Living Well Lady, and Lucille Roberts), Planet Fitness never made me feel like I've accomplished something, never made me feel strong. But that's how I feel. Others may have had, or have a different experience. 

      All I'm certain of is tonight was an unbelievable experience! 

  2. Nothing. It's completely empty...as usual. Lol

  3. Answering Questions...

    Oh, well it's not a service connected question, but rather I was asking someone online about someone else and she answered as above. I decided though, to leave it alone figuring that maybe I stepped on her toes or something. Oh, it was a simple enough question such as is the person she knows is ok. I guess I was too thrown off a little by her response. Sooo, thought I'll bring it here in this thread if you guys don't mind.
  4. What do you guys think it means when someone says "Sadly I can't answer that question"?
  5. Well I saw my new primary doctor today and I like her, a lot. Sooo, it's a match. 

    1. kejedo


      I'm glad you like your primary. That is so positive. My primary changed my oncologist, b/c we still do not have a definitive or working diagnosis. I am hoping for a confirmed appointment schedule by mid nov, so I can try to plan my service time better.  You gut it going on Sis. Keep shining.



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