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    A knock on the door. Seriously, I was very involved in the church but left because of the immorality, though I too was a part of it. Then I began having domestic problems, but felt it was God punishing me for leaving the church. So amidst all the turmoil prayed for God to help me and to forgive me for leaving the church. Then, I couldn't understand it then, but I felt a calmness, got into bed and the next morning two sisters knocked at my door! This is why when I hear of experiences of someone praying and a sister or brother knocks at their door, I can really relate.

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    Music, dancing, research, reading, thinking, writing...not necessarily in that order. Lol.
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    Bible of course and our literature. Secularly: drama, classics, architecture, museums, book stores, libraries.
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    Kingdom melodies of course. Secularly: jazz, old school, latin, blues.
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    Honeymooners, I love Lucy, Court dramas, Investigation such as FBI Files, etc.
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    "What goes around comes around." However, I like how Jehovah says it: "...For whatever a man is sowing; this he will also reap..."

    Think outside the box. Jehovah says that better too at Eph. 4:22-24.

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  1. Does online board games count? If so to me nothing beats checkers and pool.
  2. When I was studying and then notified the churches that I wanted my name off their membership rolls (yes, there were more than one), I received one reply. It was unbelievable! Their return letter said that when a member no longer pays their dues they're no longer a member anymore. How's that for being money hungry?
  3. Luezette

    My off topic thread

    Perry Mason always win his cases. ALWAYS. And in one episode he even had a donkey (mule, ass...dont know the difference) in court as a material witness. And the animal testified too. He said "hee haw" lol. But seriously, he did.
  4. And the information above came just after listening to and singing along with "Never Alone" again, and a couple of other songs. Wow!!!
  5. Wow! Thank you sooo much for that information!! I can't believe it (I mean I do but you know...lol). Presently I dont personally know of any brother or sister who knows how to do it, but with so much talent in Jehovah's organization I'm more than sure I'll find someone!! Maybe even find someone who knows someone. Oh my goodness, I'm so excited!! Thank Jehovah for always being on time...as usual!!! Thank you again!! Agape!!!!
  6. I will NOT give in or give out!! By Jehovah grace and strength by his spirit I will continue!!! Wait...I'm aware that this sounds like it, but nooo, I won't for I refuse to!!! So ok a mini thought did occur or a feeling, though not thoroughly. Can't explain it. But I know who that was, and I hate him. I'm just tired. Not tired of serving Jehovah, noooo, just tired of everything. Tired of being sick, especially when it shows its ugly head, tired of things going "boom" like my phone, TIRED! I'm quite aware that I'm definitely not the only one going through this and I sincerely apologize if I'm making it seem like I feel I'm the only one. I've decided to visit Verizon tomorrow. Why? Two reasons and they're both spiritual (well, except for one reason and that's because I just dont feel like going there probably for fear, I guess, of them giving me bad news). But the spiritual reason is Galatians 6:9: "So let us not give up in doing what is fine, for in due time we will reap if we do not tire out." (italics mine). So the spiritual reason is I'm in the habit of using Wednesdays during the day to prepare for the meetings that night, even if it's doing just one part of it. Also, that Jehovah is, through his word (Ga 6:9) giving me the impetus to continue on in spite of everything. And I'm quite aware, even if I dont want to consider his retard stupid self, that Satan is very aware of what I'm going through and right now is jumping in glee about how I was feeling yesterday and today, the negative part that is. Continue on my friends, CONTINUE ON!! We WILL endure! By JEHOVAH'S GRACE THROUGH JESUS CHRIST!! DONT GIVE UP, NO MATTER HOW HARD IT IS AND IT WILL GET HARDER!! AS THEY SAY "YOU AINT SEEN NOTHING YET!"
  7. Thank you soooo very much Vinnie! Then to make matters worse, though I had signs of it, I tried to charge my cell phone, and it wouldn't act right. So I finally called Verizon, and was connected to a Tech person. She very patiently took me through the battery to ascertain if it was the battery and it wasnt. That's good. So she figured it was the charger port within the phone. No problem or at least I thought. She proceeded to give me a solution, that I didnt like. She said that, depending on the situation that although I have insurance on it, it would still cost me either $100 or $200 depending on what the company finds when I send it in. I'm living on a very strict income via the government. It takes a lot out of me even paying the rent, phone and tablet bills but I fill I need these, especially now with we're using technology in service, etc. But I get by by Jehovah's underserved kindness definitely. I normally stay home on Wednesdays, not even go out in service, this way I can prepare for the Wednesday night meeting, and kinda catch up on other things, even if it's TV programs I missed, lol. You know, something like my Sabbath day, lol. But I'm seriously considering making a visit to my Verizon store I frequent and see what happens. Yep, yesterday I go out in service, get sick and cry, come home and have a crying spell, listen a thousand times it seems to "NEVER ALONE, pray, cry again, then find out my phone can't/doesnt charge, then go and buy some Finger cookies (they're gone), listen to the security guy tell everyone they're closing at 6:300m instead of 10pm, and he wonders why I'm looking at him "like that" (and you wonder?), play some music on Pandora, dance a tad bit, drink a little Barcardi rum and then become afraid to take the 2nd dose of medications, watch YouTube about a little girl burned up in a house fire because of her mother smoking, but the child survived though is physically damaged so now she has to go through surgeries. Then decided to sleep, fitfully. And they say Jehovah's witnesses lives are boring. Right. Uh huh. Now I'm still deciding if I should visit Verizon today or wait until tomorrow morning. Boring lives huh? Walk a mile in our moccasins...I dare ya!!!!
  8. I just finished listening to it seems like a 1,000 times over. I got sick in service today though was able to sit outside, a sister very lovingly sat with me. Then we go back in and I couldn't find nothing better to do but start crying for crying out loud. I'm soooo tired of being sick! So tired. I know the future is just around the corner, maybe right down the street it's that close. But you get tired. Past Sunday's WA I thought of once I was home, and then I really cried like a baby. Just so tired of this, my sick body.
  9. Past Sunday while waiting for the brother to lead the service group after the meeting a video was playing on the monitor, and one I especially liked was about Joseph and his trial from being sold into Egypt. While it played a song although quietly, at that time I didn't know the name of it. So after we got our assignment I asked a brother the name of the video, and he said "Never Alone." It's absolutely soo beautiful! A little tear jerking I will admit, probably because of the way the brother sung it accompanied with the video, but then I'm nothing but a heave of emotions for things like that anyway. Enjoy it.
  10. Luezette

    My off topic thread

    I don't know, never really saw the man myself. But then all bears look alike. At least that's what they say, lol.
  11. Luezette

    My off topic thread

    Lol. Yesterday while I was out spying out the good land for a brother, a house across the street had Christmas decorations up in the yard. Normal right? The only thing though that instead of a Santa, they had a big blown up brown bear in their front yard, waving his arms, with decorations around his shoulders. What? Santa fired his reindeers? Lol. Or maybe Mrs. Claus fired them because Rudolph's nose light went out, so he couldnt show Mrs. Claus' man the way down the chimney.
  12. Luezette

    My off topic thread

    hmmm, I was thinking the same thing, but on the line of a parrot will probably just imitate Alexa.
  13. Luezette


    Oh wait. Yes there were times when I lost, mostly I think because of not paying attention.
  14. I downloaded an online checkers game from play store, and love it! And of course you're playing with or against a computer. But it's so much fun. It's amazing though how the computer "knows" what move to make or not to make. And in case you're wondering...yep, yours truly here wins the majority. YEAH!!
  15. They will indeed be shocked to find out that they're not "all that."

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