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    A knock on the door. Seriously, I was very involved in the church but left because of the immorality, though I too was a part of it. Then I began having domestic problems, but felt it was God punishing me for leaving the church. So amidst all the turmoil prayed for God to help me and to forgive me for leaving the church. Then, I couldn't understand it then, but I felt a calmness, got into bed and the next morning two sisters knocked at my door! This is why when I hear of experiences of someone praying and a sister or brother knocks at their door, I can really relate.

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    Music, dancing, research, reading, thinking, writing...not necessarily in that order. Lol.
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    Bible of course and our literature. Secularly: drama, classics, architecture, museums, book stores, libraries.
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    Kingdom melodies of course. Secularly: jazz, old school, latin, blues.
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    Honeymooners, I love Lucy, Court dramas, Investigation such as FBI Files, etc.
  • My favorite quotes
    "What goes around comes around." However, I like how Jehovah says it: "...For whatever a man is sowing; this he will also reap..."

    Think outside the box. Jehovah says that better too at Eph. 4:22-24.

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  1. Squad! 

    You did WHAT!? Shame, shame! Now everyone will know that I'm nuts.

    (Oh wait, they know that already). 

    Oh well carry on, good job!! Lol, lol. 


    But seriously, don't sweat the small stuff.  😀

  2. Yet it won't be really "Free." And we all know how cheap some people are.
  3. I didnt have class today (only Tues/Thurs mornings), but I had to go still to type up a paper. It's a legal memorandum. Basically, to make a long story short, we're now being trained to write a legal memorandum (Our first paper was a brief, and I got a B+! Oh my goodness!).

    Anyway, I know how to write memorandums in general, it's no big deal. But a legal format is an entirely different story. In this one we have to decide if someone should be charged with murder. It's complicated, but I decided he shouldnt. It's a real case by the way and the person was actually charged. But the professor wants to see, by our decision, how we work with inferences. 

    Honestly I didnt think I can do it. But last night I did, and had FUN! Can you believe that? Well we'll see how the professor feels about it. 

    Just felt like sharing. Thanks. 

  4. Stupid teenagers! I'm serious! They're sooo disrespectful,  and now it seems like they're the ones in charge of a Starbucks area at a Targets store. 

    So today (not the first time) I made a complaint to the policemen standing around. And what did they do? Absolutely nothing, except to say there's nothing they can do. 

    I mean, these kids are totally out of control! I asked the policemen "so who's the adult here"? Then gave a real example of how to take control. 

    Earlier today I'm on the escalate going up, my book bag on my left. Then a young man wanted to pass me by expecting me to move my bag for him so he can pass. What happened to patience? So I told him, exact words "look baby, you either wait, or step over, I'm too tired to pick it up." He seemed to have an attitude and I cared right? Yeah ok. 

    So he stepped over it with that "I'm a man" attitude. Whatever! 

    I'm really thinking that so-called adults are afraid of these people called kids. 

    Makes me SICK! 

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    2. Luezette


      I'm aware that those who help do so because maybe they'll tired of waiting. But I don't care about their motives. They're assisting me which I greatly appreciate! That's "the most important thing."


      Yes, we'll living in the last days "critical times hard to deal with." And it's true that I have to, and I must come to grips with it. 

      Yet we're human, and I'm 71 years old. No, I don't look like it thanks to very good genes, but it's a fact that I am. And I'm not well. I try to be and stay independent so as not to be a burden on anyone.


      And those of you who patiently remind me of the times, the seriousness of such times, we're living in I cherish!! You know who you are. Please don't stop! 

    3. ChocoBro


      Hey Luezette,

      don't worry about it. You're not the only cat in the city who's blocking escalators



    4. Luezette
  5. Well I saw my new primary doctor today and I like her, a lot. Sooo, it's a match. 

  6. Luezette

    My off topic thread

    Well my good people, I'm still at my school, obviously on the computer because I just had to see what y'all up to before I walk outta here to go in service, then home. But yep it happened. What? Our professor walked in, began lecturing, and I just had to nod my head, with droopy eyelids, etc. But it wasn't my fault! I blame it all on my body! This horrible imperfect, full of defects body! Yep, that's what happened! lol, lol, lol. I told my eyes to behave! But they wouldn't! Disobedient eyes!
  7. Luezette

    My off topic thread

    I can't sleep, so I'm up listening/reading you all although I have a class early. Oh well. Another day I guess my head will nod and my eyelids will partly close while he's lecturing. I think it's my bipolar. Yeah I have a med that will promptly knock me out, but the only thing about that is I fear even with that I may not wake up in time. So I'm caught between two options: try to sleep without that med, knowing full well I won't hardly sleep. Orrr, take that med and chance on not waking in time for class. I hate options. I would love it if life always tell us what to do. But then we'll be robots. Sooo good people, I think I'll get up from bed now.. Yet how does one get up from bed when they were never in bed for the sole purpose of a bed? Life. Sometimes I say to it: "Ugh."
  8. I can't sleep though I have to get up early. So I was just laying here, and decided to cruise by the news via my phone (shoulda cruise by my Bible). And came upon this: we all know that, unfortunately, abortions are legal, at least here in the good old U.'S of A. What I didn't know, though, that not only is it legal to kill someone, but now Satan has a do-it-yourself-killing-of-your-child! So what is that you ask? This: Abortion pills! Yep you read it right! All the woman has to do, during the early weeks of her pregnancy, is go to a doctor (OBS/GYN only), get a prescription, fill it, swallow and boom...no more growing human inside her. I'm absolutely sure everyone is shouting for joy over this, however long "this" was out because now they can fornicate with whomever, cheat on their mates, etc, then pop a pill and no one will know. Oh! This is not the same as the "morning after" pill (at least I don't think so but strongly doubt it). The morning after pill is, supposedly, taken "the morning after" sexual intercourse with the intention of preventing pregnancy. But most of us already know that pregnancy can result even before you get up. So really, what's the point? What the "morning after" pill does in reality, is kill your child before you knew you were pregnant. But lack of knowledge is no defense in law. You still did the crime. Anyway, yep a do-it-yourself-abortion! Oh-my-good-ness! I wonder what what's his face got up his sleeve next. But we need not wonder really. For Jehovah says that we are "not ignorant of his designs."
  9. Luezette

    New Moon...

    Ohhhh! Well thank you Richard, I appreciate that. So we all saw a full moon then. Wait until I share that! But I still saw that man, and his cow!! Yep, the cow now belongs to the man! Lol, lol.
  10. Luezette

    New Moon...

    Wait. A new moon isn't round? Huh? Then what is it? Maybe it was round because as everyone marched into the hall, and looked at it, they exclaimed "a new moon!" Sooo, I saw a new moon too. Well anyway, "new" moon or not it was definitely a moon, and yellow and BIG! And yep I definitely saw that cow jump over it, with the man following so as to make sure his cheese stays fresh! Lol, lol.
  11. Tonight on the way to the meeting Im in the car with a sister's son who brings his mother to every meeting, faithfully. She asked "Luezette, you see the moon?" But I didn't because I was in the back Well when we all got out, I was stunned! Never have I seen anything so beautiful, at least in person! It was perfectly round, sitting there up.in the sky glowing yellow! The new moon! But then looking closer I saw the little man on the moon, then I saw the cow jump over it, and then..oh my goodness! It looked like a part of it was missing. Yep, the little man ate some of the moon because we all know that the moon is made of cheese. Hahaha, lol. We all need laughter.
  12. Oh goodness you're right! I forgot about that. That's another thing I like about this site: it keeps us straight, gives us correction if and when necessary. Yet, at the same time I can't help but recall when those walls fell in the 1980s and Bible studies increased. That was not Caesar''s move or intention. Anyway, or either way thank you. Hey! I just reread your comment. And my conclusion as far as the situition in Mexico or elsewhere like it is it was Jehovah''s appointed time to interfere in the Soviet Union as far as those walls were concerned. The same for Russia. It's wasnt Jehovah's appointed time. Sooo, the same for Mexico, and like countries...it's not Jehovah''s appointed time...at least at the time this is written. We have to wait and see. Wow! Jehovah educates us through whatever and whoever venue he chooses doesnt he? Lol. Thank you.
  13. And this system is so beyond corruption. Take Venuala (spelling) for instance, yes even though its people are suffering beyond imagination, the government there won't allow care packages to enter the country. Demonic activity in broad daylight!

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