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Who applied for Special/International conventions this year?

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In the US we received notice of Special and international conventions for 2019

largest group of conventions ever they mentioned

Anybody here apply?

where did you apply ....and what made you choose those assemblies?

we had the announcement read  a week after everyone ...since we had the regional convention 

My family was real excited....we are applying to go (Greece, Argentina,Brazil,Ecuador)

would have loved to try Australia or South Africa but it is extremely expensive to get us there.......

we did attend in Finland previously and the kids and wife still say it was our Best Spiritual Experience EVER


Has anyone here attended or applied to a Special Convention

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We are applying for Berlin. 


It's my home country and it is cheap as chips to get there from the UK. I also wanted to show my husband Berlin and some of the northern places in Germany. 


Hubby has also never attended an International convention so we thought that would be nice for him. 



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i found the later you wait -- you don't get chosen....first spots seemed to go to those who acted quickly

bugged the SO to input it the first night we heard....lol

Greece - Argentina - Brazil - Ecuador

---loved the Australian option --- but it so expensive from the US....for a family of 4....wow

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43 minutes ago, hatcheckgirl said:

Well, invite me and I'll come!  J'aime beaucoup Paris et mon frères et soeurs!  But unfortunately, Australia is not invited, malheureusement! 😥



Tu as la bienvenue Lucy en fait tout le  monde peut venir chez moi!! Everyone in France is so excited and planning many good things for Paris 2019.  Our kingdom hall is right next to several hotels and rumour has it we will be a host congregation which  means we get to be in the thick of things....its going to be so wonderful!!


ps:  There will be cheese!

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3 hours ago, eliezer75 said:

Paris was our fist choice so hopefully we will be selected. Question, have they announced the venue yet where the convention will be held?

ask for Convention in Paris

https://apps.jw.org/ui/E/meeting-search.html#/conventions/search/E/Paris, France/48.856614,2.352222//detail?id=BFD08917-5330-4CE8-A82E-A9B2C832E0771


and this came up:

Villepinte (Hall 6)

Parc des Expositions de Paris-Nord II
Hall 6
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On 9/19/2018 at 4:00 AM, sunshine said:

Is no one coming to se me in PARIS?!!!!

We were at the last International in Paris it was really a wonderful 

experience . Also have attended one in Moscow Russia , we took small gifts and shared our lunches with our Russian brothers and sisters there were 8 members of the GB at that one because it was not long after the brothers were allowed to openly worship in Russia the tears that were shed .....was so touching an experience one never forgets. 


Applied for Lisbon this time ..... 😬

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I applied to Phoenix, Miami, Atlanta, St.Louis, Monterey Mexico, Buenos Aires and someplace else I forgot already. Chose those cities because arw relatively close, no 17 plus hour flight. Also those are places I can visit within a week and they won't conflict with pioneer school 🙌

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now that the application period closed (sept 28) we are on pins and needles

if i remember correctly they started with the first occurring and notified them and then went sequentially by date....


anybody remember how long it took for the first notices?

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these are the first conventions......all who applied for Atlanta should know first....:ecstatic:


Atlanta   17th May

Miami Spanish 24th May
Mexico  7th June
Berlin, Germany 14th June
Ecuador 14th June
Lisbon, Portugal 28th June
Miami English 5th July
Athens, Greece 5th July
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Got an email from the branch today.....got too excited

it was them following up for an email address for someone who applied with our group from a different hall

...but still it was exciting that they are working on things!!!!!!

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We applied for

Athens, Greece

Copenhagen, Denmark

Berlin, Germany

Seoul, Korea

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Melbourne, Australia

Monterrey, Mexico

Sao Paulo, Brazil


I was able to attend last year's special convention in Romania and I am so excited to be applying to the international conventions for this coming year. Jehovah willing we are able to go to one of them at least. It would be an amazing privilege.

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We applied for Paris, Ecuador, and Athens.  Every time I get a ding on my phone saying I got an email, I always have convention pop up in my brain.  If I think about the wait too long I'm in agony!!


Good thing is that we've never been to an international convention before, and I heard priority is given to ones who are applying for the first time. . . .

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