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  3. Reflections of a Feisty Feline He matches my sparring—blow for blow. My every move—how can he know? A courageous opponent I can’t stare down. He’s always gone when I race around. Unless he slows down some I fear I’ll never catch that kitten in the mirror.
  4. Can I understand you better, brother Richard? You said Jehovah is still in control to a relative degree. Could I ask: relative to what degree and how? Please do clear the confusion you've raised!
  5. I ordered 3 months of Heartgard plus for each dog. I also have diatomaceous earth, but do not know how to use it for anything. Thanks, p
  6. Satan can't do anything if Jehovah doesn't want whatever satan wants to do. Gives me the idea that Jehovah prophesied all the governmental switches of the wild beast with the king of the north and south as a taunt to satan to try to change them and preventing prophesy; just showing that Jehovah is still in control to a relative degree; not letting things get to bad.
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  8. I see Muhammad Ali's son learned what "nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition" might mean at the airport yesterday in Florida.
  9. Witches around the world will gather at midnight on Friday to cast a spell on President Trump. Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries said the left’s open embrace of demonic imagery is revealing. “It shows that the level of hatred against Donald Trump is generated by Satan himself,” she said. Read more at
  10. After seeing this, I has nightmares of "scalpers" standing outside hawking outrageously priced admission tickets (bought up by robo-computer systems online).
  11. I remember. A lot of engineering info is in metric. It makes being a Building Inspector an interesting job. You have to know both and how to quickly switch and judge between them - like talking 2 languages at the same time. It has to be interesting for those in other countries studying engineering - who want to work in or for US companies.
  12. I don't see the ticket price, how much do the tours cost?
  13. Here:
  14. The house on magazine's cover belong to my wife's uncle but the brothers and sisters are unknown to me. An interesting thought I found in the article "Jehovah God Provides Comfort in All Our Trials" paragraph 16: "And if such a study is conducted, it would be wise to do so either in the children’s home with the parents or another mature Witness around or in a suitable public area. Thus no one would have a basis to misconstrue what is occurring. It is to be hoped that the parents will, in time, fulfill their God-given responsibility to care spiritually for their children".
  15. The study here was from researchers from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, and I think it is saying the same thing. In our Public Talk today, the speaker was talking about 1 Pet 3:7 " Assign them honor as to a weaker vessel, the feminine one ", and how us females are not so much "weaker" as "more specialised" or for a different use. He compared men to travel mugs - all utilitarian. And women to champagne flutes. Both are vessels for carrying liquid, but what would happen if you took your coffee to work in a champagne flute? That estrogen is certainly an interesting hormone! We are wonderfully made, hey?
  16. Classic Monty Python. Very funny!
  17. Hormones, brother, hormones. Those of us with more T. don't have as good a response to certain infections as those with more E. Thus men generally do get sicker for longer with colds & the Flu than women. p.s. The report I heard on Global TV news last night mentioned study done at University in Ottawa, Canada. Other studies have been done around the world in past 5 years.
  18. Was trying not to confuse our poor American brothers. Proper spelling is not one of their strong points. They couldn't even get Imperial measurements nor spelling of colour correct, so what do you expect?
  19. I just love being a Jehovah's Witness!
  20. I was just enjoying the daily text within WT Library 2016, when everything seemed to freeze up for a while. I was connected to the internet at the time, so it finally dawned on me that WT Library had detected an update, and was in the process of getting it. It downloaded a 173 megabyte update, but Luke was not part of it. However, the meeting schedule for midweek meeting is. Excellent!!!
  21. Aaron Deborah you beat me to it How about NIMROD
  22. sorry, I misplaced this at first ... This is really cool. You get to go inside. fascinating ...
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