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  2. All that on one page per instructions. Very small type I assume.
  3. Like many of us ... we are so united.
  4. I am sure if you write in Russian you must write according to Russian rules. But if you speak another language you must know its rules and apply them, not Russian rules
  5. I was actually impressed! I do understand some Russian and his pronunciation and even accent was very good!
  6. Here is the most typical piece of propaganda that we hear and read here every single day. The very good example. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Brother Andy, how can this be the start of the Great Tribulation when the fall of Babylon the Great hasn't happened yet? We don't know when the king of the north will be exposed, it could be before or during the Great Tribulation. w13 7/15 paragraph 6 says: What will signal the start of the great tribulation? Jesus foretold: “When you catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation, as spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in a holy place, (let the reader use discernment,) then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains.” (Matt. 24:15, 16) In the first fulfillment, the “standing in a holy place” occurred in 66 C.E. when the Roman army (“the disgusting thing”) attacked Jerusalem and its temple (a place holy in the eyes of the Jews). In the larger fulfillment, the “standing” will occur when the United Nations (the modern-day “disgusting thing”) attacks Christendom (which is holy in the eyes of nominal Christians) and the rest of Babylon the Great. The same attack is described at Revelation 17:16-18. That event will be the beginning of the great tribulation.
  8. Jehovah is behind it Victoria, he has a purpose for this, we may not see the full story - yet ... but we will all be watching. Letters coming in that volume may demand a separate service maybe and addressed to Mr. Putin? Just watch.
  9. BTW, to everyone posting their letters online? I've heard that open letters sent to the public as well can be considered a threatening, or at least confrontational letter. Not sure what the rules are here, but just letting you know.
  10. From Alabama, USA its $1 to send 1 letter. I plan on writing all of them as much as I can. It really is about volume.
  11. News article in Sputnik: "The Sects of Serbia: Who is More Dangerous, Satanists or Jehovah's Witnesses?" If this link has already been posted I apologize.
  12. I am sorry I don't know how to make it faster. Russian post is really not fast. I guess all you can do is to write letters as soon as possible. But I hope it will not take 2 months! Anyway your letters will not be in vain.
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  14. This is "amazing" to see the support of so many willing brothers and sisters as well as children ready and supportive of the GB direction to "Write, Write, Write" and we are!. "I love our organisation for that reason, we are humble and willing to work along with direction". Even if they refuse to open a single letter (which we know they will and get the idea). What a shout of praise to our brothers and sisters in Russia to see every dignitaries mailbox filled with millions and millions of letters! That in itself is a witness and the rest.... Jehovah Has in complete control. Start of the GT???....speculation of course.
  15. Very good scripture Brother Guri. (Acts 24:3) . . .at all times and also in all places we acknowledge this, Your Excellency Felix, with the greatest thankfulness. Yes likely the citizens under Felix didn't feel that Felix showed "excellence" as a leader, but yet the Christians showed him honor rendering him the title "Excellency" as they learned from Jesus to show such respect. Notice how good of a leader Felix was: *** it-1 p. 819 Felix *** Tacitus described him as one who “practised every kind of cruelty and lust, wielding the power of king with all the instincts of a slave.” (The Histories, V, IX) He is reported to have engineered the killing of High Priest Jonathan. Suetonius says that Felix became the husband of three queens. (The Lives of the Caesars, Claudius, XXVIII) Such description agrees with what we learn of Felix in the Bible.
  16. Biblesteve My dear brother. I'm sorry but I would like to be bit frank. Please don't get me wrong. We all know from the Bible that we need to be kind towards everyone. Our speach must be mild and respectful, especially to the people who are in high authority. Instruction given by the governing body clearly says that we need to be nice and respectful. Do yo remmeber Felix in Bible times? "Insight on the scriptures" says that Felix was: "The procurator of the Roman province of Judea who held Paul prisoner for two years." How did Paul address him? In Acts 24:3 we read: "At all times and also in all places we acknowledge this, your excelency Felix, with the greatest thankfulness". As we see, Paul gave us excellent example how to address the oficials (respectfully). So by being polite (using "dear" or its synonyms) would reflect Christian qualities and will show respect to our humble God Jehovah and our true faith. So despite the fact that Putin or Medvedev aren't our favourite people we still need to address them in respectful and humble manner. That's what I think and if I'm wrong please forgive me and meantime correct me, I'm ok to hear different opinions. Love you brothers and I hope we will obey to the instructions given by Jehovah's organisation and most of us will manage to send a letter as soon as possible.
  17. Nice draft Sister Pauline. I like how cordial you are and how personal you make it. You asked for any suggestions, I was wondering if you might like the suggestion in the instructions that we may add 1 or 2 of the specific facts about the case against Jehovah's Witnesses . You don't have to but just an idea.
  18. I really like this. I strongly think the sheer number of letters will be what they will deal with. I am not in the mood for honorific titles for any of them at all. The instructions did say not to put one persons correspondence in the wrong envelope. I just want to be respectful, (not overly so) and follow our instructions. From the FDS. This is so exciting! I think this with our Memorial campaign will make this season one to remember!
  19. Just checked, it is now in Spanish, French, and German as well. Not yet in Chinese or Japanese, but we can probably expect those translations very soon...
  20. Hi Richard, good question. I was thinking about bulk mail today and I started wondering if it is a good decision or not? The instructions don't mention this and likely the Governing Body may have considered if would be beneficial that each congregation should send them together. But I think there is a greater impact when 1000s or millions of individual letters are pouring in! What do you think? This is just an opinion
  21. I intend on getting letters to the Post Office tomorrow. I am using indented paragraphs rather than left aligned block style b/c this is a bit less formal than business letters. I am also using beautiful standard size (8.5 by 11 inches aka 216 by 279mm) stationery Here is my draft. As always, open to correction, suggestions, or outright criticism: As a retired school teacher, for decades I taught my students to be kind and considerate of all persons, from all over. I have also attempted to model this empathy. Caring for others, worldwide, is encouraged by Jehovah's Witnesses; through Bible Study, interaction, and worship. During my years of teaching English Language Classes to students from all over the world, I have been impressed by how much alike we all are, as people. This is certainly true of the international group of more than eight million Jehovah's Witnesses. I appreciate the laws of the Russian Federation that guarantee religious freedom to all citizens. Globally, Jehovah's Witnesses are viewed as respectful and cooperative citizens. I reverently request that you will consider allowing Jehovah's Witnesses to continue their respectful and loving worship throughout the large, beautiful, and diverse country of Russia.
  22. Is anyone familiar with any type of bulk mailing that would allow an entire congregation to send all of their letters at a lower postal rate?
  23. I never saw it last night ... I saw it this morning so sometime in between that.
  24. If the 20 million Memorial attenders x 6 officials is 120 million....
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