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  3. New: I was the daughter of Phanuel who was a prophetess from the tribe of Asher.
  4. I was very happy to know this. Because, I confess, I was very sad to think that the Russian brothers and sisters could not enjoy the rich spiritual food presented at JWB and Now I feel more relieved!
  5. Aristarchus: Acts 19:29
  6. Hi Sister Svetlana, I also use Opera browser with VPN And I read earlier about how you were copying your files to the "Cloud", very good idea! You are showing good practical wisdom. I saw this article and thought of you and others who are doing their best to be innocent and blameless in Jehovah's eyes while remaining cautious and alert against those who view them as enemies. *** w96 7/15 p. 22 What “Instinctively Wise” Creatures Can Teach Us *** In Das Evangelium des Matthäus (The Gospel of Matthew), Fritz Rienecker says regarding Matthew 10:16: “Shrewdness . . . must be coupled with integrity, sincerity, and straightforwardness, lest anything should happen to give enemies valid grounds for complaint. The ambassadors of Jesus are among ruthless opponents, who show no consideration and who set upon the apostles without mercy and at the slightest opportunity. Hence, it is necessary—just like a serpent—to keep a watchful eye on opponents, and to take stock of the situation with eyes and senses alert; to stay master of the situation without trickery or deceit, to be pure and true in word and deed and thus prove themselves dovelike.”
  7. I thought JWB was banned in this part of the earth. How you do it? (I do not know if you can say this publicly in this forum. If this is the case, I content myself with being curious).
  8. I use Opera browser with VPN. Unfortunately I can't watch stream because of low speed, but I can download any video from JWB.
  9. Spanish songs with lyrics videos are all up. Quick question: Letter to Spanish-speaking congregations stated that we will start using the new songbook on the week of September 4, but regional convention program in Spanish shows the new songs, and regional conventions in Spanish starts on May 19, 2017. Has anyone heard about another letter about this?
  10. I think it's funny how Christendom places so much empathise on the subject of cross vs stake. Personally I don't think it matters. Even though we know it was a stake and there is ample evidence, it does not change the faith in it's self. We don't bow to or wear stake necklaces in our worship, so even if Jesus 'did' die on a cross, it would not change anything, use of the cross in worship is still idolatry either way, just like using the stake in worship would be classed as such. It goes to show Babylon for what it is, in that they viciously try to defend the use of the cross in worship, when they should be avoiding all forms of any idol worship anyway. Cross or stake, the instrument of Jesus' death shouldn't even be a "thing", but the reign of false Christendom along with it's idolatrous practises has forced it into the fray. But to their detriment, since it reveals that cross worship came from ancient Babylonian religions anyway. The fact that we know it was a stake due to accurate translation and Christendom's cross usage having proven direct links to ancient pagan practices points out just how guilty Babylon is in changing God's word to promote their pagan practices. So the instrument of Christ's death in it's self is not important, yet in a paradoxical turn, it is, not because the instrument of death in it's self is important to know, but it has been important in revealing false Christendom.
  11. Just small quality version. Better quality - maybe by suppertime EDT
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