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  1. Thanks for letting us know about Grammarly. My ability to spell correctly has been going downhill the past three years. I'm always having to look up words online to see if I spelled them correctly.
  2. I really scared myself this morning.  It was early and still a little dark in my room when I reached down to pick up a piece of cat food on the floor.  Suddenly a hand darted out at mine causing me to jump back.  It gave me the fright of my life.  I'm thinking what was that and then started looking for the hand that tried to grab mine.   That's when I see the mirror.  What a relief.  The last thing I want to do is find a hand in my room.

    1. hatcheckgirl


      Sorry, but that is so funny!  What we scare ourselves with sometimes.... Been there too.

    2. Sylv


      Ohhh, I know that feeling! Consider it an aerobic workout for your heart :)

    3. GeordieGirl


      As long as it's only a hand.  I feel I could do with an extra one sometimes. :lol:

  3. My ride to the meetings fell through once again.  Last week, my son, who has been giving me a ride to the meetings the past two months, called and told me that he wouldn't be able to take me to the meetings anymore because he had to work later than he thought and there wasn't anything he could do about it because he just started working there the week before.  I just know Satan is behind it.  My son wasn't even looking for a job at the time.  It practically fell into his lap.   

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    2. kejedo


      "The squeaky wheel gets the oil."  I have to work on being more assertive, too. I hope you find  a listening ear and someone that will st ep up and offer help or be an advocate to help you get to meetings. YS,


    3. Snowkitty


      Did you get all the latest literature when you were at the meetings? You can get just about everything online now.I don't know of anything you can't get .

      Sounds like you need the phone number to call in.We have to get ours from our service overseer.

    4. Iksplorer


      I picked up some public Watchtowers and Awakes for my sons that I couldn't afford to print for them.  I've been printing out our study Watchtowers for me and my youngest son  for almost 6 years now.  I began printing out the ones for my middle son late last year.   Before I lost my ride to the meetings, I was also able to pick up some books for my sons, my grandchildren, and myself.  It's so much easier studying with my sons and grandchildren when we have the books to study out of.  


      I'm really thankful for the things we can get online now.  It's been a real blessing for all of us.






  4. I had a really good day Wednesday.  I was finally able to get a ride to the Kingdom Hall.  My middle son, who took me there, said he liked being there too, and that he would pick me up every Wednesday for the meeting from now on.  


    Before the meeting my son told me that he wanted to go to a different Kingdom Hall.  I'm so glad that he changed his mind. As soon as I walked into the Kingdom Hall, it was like I'd never been away, even though I hadn't been there in six years.             


    1. PatT


      Good for you 

  5. My ex-husband, who just started going to the meetings again after years away from the truth,  told me that I was spiritually weak  this evening because I don't go to the meetings, even though I listen to them over the phone.  He said that listening to the talks over the phone is not the same as being there.  Then he told me that I had a lack of love for others after I got upset about it, and that I needed to work on that and on getting to the meetings.   I couldn't believe it!  Here I am answering his phone calls 6-8 times a day, and listening to him go on and on about his life, and he tells me I have a lack of love for others?      

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    2. hatcheckgirl


      That is a lovely reply, Neil. Very encouraging!  I'm sure Karin you can see how Jehovah views your efforts in serving him, and that whatever our fellow brothers and sisters, or family members or ex's say can never change  how much Jehovah loves us.

      Rom 8:38, 39 " For I am convinced that neither death nor life nor angels nor governments nor things now here nor things to come nor powers nor height nor depth nor any other creation will be able to separate us from God’s love that is in Christ Jesus our Lord."

    3. Iksplorer


      The way he was talking to me yesterday Neil, is the same way he used to speak to me while we were married.  Always putting me down, making me look spiritually weak.  Even after our divorce, when he was attending the meetings, he used to treat me this way.  Maybe it's just something that he needs to work on.  At least he doesn't treat other women this way.  


      From now on, I think I'm just going to ignore it when he puts me down.  I'll  keep my mind focused on some of the reasons you gave me Neil as to why he may be acting this way toward me.  Then I won't get so upset over the things he says to me.


      Thanks so much Neil.  You've been a great help to me.  





    4. cricket246


      Whenever Satan uses others to remind you of the negativity in your past, just remind him of his future. ^_^ You have Jehovah on your side!

  6. Oops! I accidentally clicked on report post I think when I went to click on "go" for a different page.  Hope the moderators see this.  

    1. stuagu


      Ive dne that before myself , im sure the mods will sort it out. :) 

    2. carlos


      No problem. :)


    3. Sheep


      Was it one of my posts you reported? I'm sure the mods would want to delete that one anyway. :lol:

  7. My earliest memory is of sitting in the backseat of our car behind my mom, who was holding my younger sister on her lap. My older sister was next to me and my dad was driving. My little sister had a cast on her foot. I didn't know how old I was at the time until I asked my mom how old my sister was when she had that cast. Turns out that she was born with her foot turned inward and the cast was put on her right after she was born. I had just turned two the month before she was born.
  8. Praying that the mouse in my house goes for the live bait mouse trap and not the pellets behind the stove.  The little guy could probably use some more prayers. 

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    2. Good-O


      I love Ole' Grumpy cat.  I have one outside that is about 16 yrs old - guess she is too old to cut the mustard, as they say.  Anyway, we found the mouse hole outside and plugged it up so hopefully, this year, no mice.  We will see.  All the crops have been harvested and we are just now getting our freezing weather.  Will be another adventure I suppose.  

    3. Iksplorer


      I actually already have a cat Adelin.  Eighteen of them to be exact.  I don't know how the little guy got past them and into the house.  They are usually so good at catching them.

    4. Adelin


      Eighteen?! :o


      well, I changed my opinion about that mouse - he is a HERO (at least 4 cats per wall and he still got inside! B))

      OR ... maybe your cats are too spoiled ... you should starve them for a month as a punishment :lol:

  9. Never saw Star Wars, Never wanted to until I saw this
  10. I thought that I would be able to control myself around the chunky chocolate chip cookies if I bought them. I was wrong.

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    2. Good-O


      I don't think there is ever any control when chocolate is involved!! Maybe Jehovah will assign me to a chocolate tree farm or chocolate factory, and of course, no new weight to be added.

    3. Luezette


      Do I hear chocolate calling? Lol.

    4. SUNRAY


      If a raisin looks like a chocolate chip cookie, those must be small cookies!

  11. Before my mom died, she told me that one of my great grandmother's on her side was full-blooded Indian. I wish I knew more about her. I don't even know what area she came from or what tribe she belonged to.
  12. I like cooking about as much as I like washing the dishes. I can cook though, and I'm always looking for new recipes online to try. Right now I'm trying to learn what spices go good together so that I can make some things without a recipe. Maybe after I begin experimenting with different spices, I'll start to enjoy cooking.
  13. Found my gallon of milk in the microwave. Hope it's not a sign of things to come.

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    2. Luezette


      Nope! You're not alone. Not at all. You have no idea just how much you're not alone.

    3. Luezette


      And at least you're not saying as you go to the store, you have on the mind what you're going for but as soon as you get inside, and I mean as soon as you STEP inside, your mind goes a COMPLETE BLANK! So you're standing there before the counter feeling like a fool because, in your mind, you must look like a fool with a blank look like "umm, duhhh." Lol, lol, lol.

    4. shali


      That's when I usually head for the wine coolers! LOL

  14. I feel so bad. I just want to kill the fleas in my yard. The insect killer is going to kill way more than just the fleas.

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    2. kejedo


      I wish I read the one star reviews on (Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/Bayer-Seresto-Flea-Collar-Large/product-reviews/B00B8CG602/ref=cm_cr_pr_hist_1?sortBy=helpful&reviewerType=all_reviews&formatType=all_formats&filterByStar=one_star&pageN) before I tried Seresto on my dog. Many have reported seizures or worse Others have had success.

    3. Julsey


      These are the people that helped me years ago. I never, ever needed to treat my house again in all the time I lived there! http://www.fleabusters.com/home/rxforfleas

    4. Iksplorer


      Thanks. I'll try fleabusters.com instead. I want something that has proven to be safe for cats. In the meantime, I'm just going to keep combing out their fleas a couple of times a day to get rid of them.

  15. I'm so happy. My middle son took a bible and the Bible Teach book home with him to read after being away from the truth for 8 years.

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    2. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      You have every right to be happy. Lots of us would, "give our eye teeth" to be in your position!

    3. Iksplorer


      I haven't been to a convention in years Sharon. No way to get there. I found them all on line though, including this years.

    4. Iksplorer


      I haven't finished listening to the entire convention yet though. I keep getting interrupted. Two of my grandchildren, ages 4 and 5, live next door to me.