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  1. Lol, stuck: good one. Next word: Oxygen
  2. Clot (which I have called pulmonary embolism)
  3. I'm really thinking, thus believe, that this years convention is preparing us for the GT. Not that prior conventions didn't, but somehow since Jehovah's timetable is ticking forward, the GT is fast approaching and our ever loving God is preparing us. He'll never leave us in the lurch...although we ourselves have no idea the day or time...Jehovah does! But either way, it's definitely going to be what we need. And would you'all please allow me to say this, and it just occurred to me right now: my convention is June 2-4. There are some whose convention is in September. So some of you may feel like "oh man! I wish mine was earlier!" and that's okay too. Yet have any of us (including me as in wishing mine was in May), ever given thought that when our convention rolls around, it will be the exact time when it should be for us individually? What I mean is, depending on what we're going through, May, June, July, August, or September may be when we need it the most even though it'll be the same program. Wait. I'm not saying so as in a fact, but it could be. Just some thoughts.