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  1. I just had my Circuit Assembly, and I tell ya.. What a shot in the arm! Jehovah ALWAYS knows just what we need, and he's sooo generous! So we can only imagine what this year's Regional is going to be, especially with a theme like "DON'T GIVE UP." Even though we don't have any idea which convention will be the last one, in spite of our ongoing speculations, one thing is for sure: It's obvious Jehovah is preparing us for something, something that's going to happen real soon! And we know what that "something" is.
  2. In the mall ministry yesterday, we came across a sister who has her C.O. She bought our something interesting he said to them about showing our videos, and that was to invest in a Bluetooth Speaker. He's not making it a rule. Yet here in noisy NYC, and if you're outside and wish to show a video, the person would be able to hear it (translate: enjoy despite NYC's noisy distractions). So yesterday I bought one, and now the fun part begins as in using it without the sales person being around, lol, . I think it's a good idea though because I admit one of the things that held me back were the distractions from the listeners viewpoint. I'm aware that attitude wasn't good but there it is. Actually, just last month at the mall, I showed one to a man sitting next to me, he watched it, but you know how you can tell someone is just not hearing anything despite the volume turned up? Yeah. Anyway, just wanted to share this.