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  1. How do I download or upload (don't know which is which really) pictures? I would like to share the pioneer meeting with our elders this past Saturday, the 14th. Thanks. 

    1. Adelin


      download - get something from online down to your computer

      upload - put something from your computer online

      I guess you want to post here some pictures you will make (UPLOAD) ... you can do that just as you posted this message.

      Try to use this

    2. Luezette
    3. Stormswift


      and side loading is when you transfer data from one of your devices to another. 

  2. Yes, I like PDF better too.
  3. Went to the Pioneer Mtg today with the elders. Had a grand time! And to think I started not to go because of feeling tired and depressed, so felt like staying in bed. But with prayer to Jehovah, I pushed myself and Jehovah did the rest. He always do! :D

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    2. Luezette


      Thank you so much! I didn't know we were on youtube. :ecstatic:

    3. Luezette


      :yes: So now I'm sharing selected ones on  my youtube page. Again, thank you sooo much! 

    4. A fellow servant

      A fellow servant



      So glad you went to the pioneer meeting!    These meetings are what helps keep us motivated and going.    Take care Sis!


  4. About two weeks ago I bought a Black and Decker Convection Oven Toaster. Fine. So today I finally used it (don't ask why it took this long :wall:). I plugged it in, turned the knobs...and nothing. Checked and checked it. By now I'm muttering I got a lemon, and to make things worse, yep, I don't have the receipt anymore. :wall:.  Then I got an "aha" moment, looked at the last knob (there are three), turned that one and viola! It gets hot :ecstatic:.  So I fixed my first toaster oven meal...a grilled cheese sandwich, and managed to leave it in too long so had to scrub off residue melted cheese. 

    Anyone else had a marvelous day and moment? Lol. 

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    2. Luezette


      Okkk ladies (and gents if you'll so inclined to join us, lol), today I purchased my first 4.5 qt. Crock pot. But what an adventure it was. A sister accompanied me while at the mall because we were in service. I have a pretty large roller book bag. So with her assistance, we managed to get the thing in the bag though lopsided, and half in, half out. She came up with this brilliant idea of getting a string to secure the thing (and it was brilliant too. I would have never thought of it. Seriously.:wall:) So we go to arts and crafts dept of Target, but a sales person said it would not hold, we were directed to go back upstairs to the home improvement dept. Fine. Another sales person literally took us to the correct section (as opposed to merely showing us), and showed us a can of bungee cords. But wait! How do you use those things? (Nope I'm not too bright. Seriously. :D). The sales person literally, not showed us but secured the box for me!! 


      Okkk. Now we're both happy, the sister snapped a picture of the box because it was the last one. But wait. I paid for it,  we got real giggly at check out because we saw, by the counter, bottles ginger ale (seriously, we were giggling like teenagers, even kinda loud), and we parted.


      But that's not all. Upstairs while we were trying to figure how to fit the thing in my bag, it was hot so I took my scarf off, and laid it on the shelf. Now I'm in the train station after having paid my fare and realized...eek! I left my scarf at the store! There was no way I was going back there, then pay another fare. 


      Anyway, only Jehovah's people can have a good time under those type of circumstances. 

    3. shali


      Don't kow if you've ever owned a convection oven before but you usually put the temp 25 degree's lower than normal if you use the convection feature.  For instance, if you bake some rolls and the package says 375 degrees for 15 minutes, set the oven for 350.  Always have a piece of tin foil handy for the last few minutes of cooking too - toaster ovens are the small and compact and tend to brown your food much faster than a regular oven.  (I've been cooking with a toaster over for almost 25 years and also recently bought a toaster/convection oven - and love it!) Happy convecting!

    4. Luezette


      Thanks! :D