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  1. Is he crazy? The friends have every right to use their power of reason, aka: free will, to take their business elsewhere and he knows that!
  2. While we've always lived in serious times, these are seriously perilous times! Anything can happen at any given time. Yet at the same time, these are happy, exciting times! Jesus said that instead of being afraid and anxious we should raise our heads up for our deliverance is getting near (or near. I'm being lazy, forgive me )
  3. Patinage, thank you for looking it up. Like I said, I had forgotten exactly where I read it. And nope the slave, as you saw (read) did not say exactly say that Shem was Melchizedek. But it still gave me tingles.
  4. Bea. Yep, I found such gems while looking for something else. Now notice please, that the slave isn't saying these things as definite. But I got a tingle when I read them.
  5. Yes Bea, the slave said (forgot where in what publication) that it's a possibility that Jesus was the angel who killed those 185,000 Assyrians. And further they also said that when the Israelites were led out of Egypt via the Red Sea, it's possible it was Jesus. Want more? Remember King Melchizedek? The slave also said that it's possible that it was one of Noah's sons...Shem.
  6. So since they're damaging their now own state property, it's typical of Satan's worshippers getting out of hand. It's called confusion.
  7. Richard I sure will, thanks. Lol. I just looked at it as in the title...omg! I need to read it again too.
  8. Well, I'll have to admit I kinda fell for it too. All I saw was "Fox" and obviously ran with it. Last night on the phone a sister told me about President Trump and I said "whattt! Trump's being nice to people?!!" She said to go to google, I did and y'all know the rest. Yep, thanks to Jehovah we have alert mods here!
  9. I have no idea how my word "jaybirds" got four listings. Anyway, next word: Mean