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  2. futurepromise

    Watchtower Library on DVD

    Correction: I was looking at 2019 Watchtower, public edition1. I do have all my 2018. Sorry, I overlooked the year we are in, now.
  3. Hi. Even though I've asked store personnel the difference between a laptop vs. a chromebook, I still haven't the slightest idea what a chromebook is and what they're for. Sooo HELP!! Thank you.
  4. futurepromise

    Watchtower Library on DVD

    I just updated mine and I lost all Watchtowers except 1, public Watchtower 1
  5. 55k is doable. I've done 60k in a day but was exhausted the next day Sent from my XT1710-02 using Tapatalk
  6. Hammerhead

    Public talk

    Maybe one way to illustrate would be today's education system In order to qualify to get into a good program for higher education a person would have to apply themselves in school and maintain grades. (Perhaps that could be likened to living in this system and doing what is required to qualify to enter the new system.) Once in school there are certain qualifications that need to be met in order to advance to the field they are pursuing. (Aren't we all pursuing everlasting life?) Once all the qualifications are met you are able to enter the field you desire. (During the 1000 year reign we will need to make adjustments as we learn requirements in order to qualify for everlasting life) Just my .02 Sent from my XT1710-02 using Tapatalk
  7. digital_dreamer

    My ancestry DNA results!

    I thought this might be relevant, in case any sisters try to research their ancestry and go allllll the way back. 😂
  8. As I recall, he gave financial support to religious organizations.
  9. Today
  10. I ve got a public talk very soon. Talk 174 Gods new world who will qualify to enter? need help especially introduction & goog illustrutions
  11. I thought that was an interesting episode. I felt it was forboding in what society in headed for now.
  12. thegreenjudy

    My ancestry DNA results!

    Funny this.. I did the test last year due to my rather ungermanic looks and not knowing my mum's family very well. Her dad looked very dark. The first time I got my results I had a good chunk of Eastern Europe (mainly Balkan regions) which didn't surprise me. I just noticed I missed the update so I downloaded it. They have narrowed down the European results to regions rather than just "Western Europe" which I like. What surprised me is 8% Sweden which shows up as an isolated country. Also, Eastern Europe has been reduced to 8%. But understable since that set of DNA probably came from my grandfather and is slightly diluted. I am also disappointed that Europe South has disappeared.. bohooooo..You can see my before and after results here:
  13. Soft music... He is originally from Argentina... He sings in Spanish too, his version of No more boleros is very nice.
  14. Not that occasion but similar. The one I remembered was at the Madison Square Garden in New York in 1939. Interesting how those fanatics began shouting "Heil Hitler! Viva Franco!" I guess a couple years later anyone in America shouting "Heil Hitler!" wouldn't be kindly looked on. What courageous brothers!
  15. I wonder if we'll remember everybody we meet, that could add up to a lot of people!
  16. Wow, I checked about an hour ago and there weren't any updates, so it just came out. I'm downloading it now...
  17. Sounds amazing! 55.000 sounds do-able but time consuming.. lol.. but I think I should also do some intervall training on the treadmill at the gym with some incline.
  18. Watchtower Library on PC just updated to update 1709. Version 19.0 Build 7632 Size of update is 786,919KB (WTLibrary.E.WTE.1709.UPDATEPKG)
  19. I love theocratic history - I met Br Schroder at an Assembly once - he shook my hand and asked me how the work was going in England... I resisted the urge to say "Well you should know Brother!" ☺️
  20. Friends just call me Ross

    Questions about life in the new world

    I wonder if perfect people will have to shave their armpits.
  21. Dress and grooming today would probably disqualify these brothers today.
  22. I'm wanting to ride the assault on mount Mitchell right next year. Training heavily for it now Sent from my XT1710-02 using Tapatalk
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