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  2. Beg to differ. "Perfect" will always be a relative term. What is perfect for one will not aways be perfect for another and that regardless of the removal of sin.
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  4. Thats a good illustration. Flowers aren't perfect, some have thorns, some are missing petals or are eaten by bugs, but overall we still appreciate the joy and beauty of a flower.
  5. I want to add an illustration. For example we are all beautiful flower and of course who doesn't like the flower. But when you look closely more closely, you'll get to see the flower hasnt a good structure, it smells too. All of us are flowers sometimes you and me are annoying
  6. My wife does that! She tells me to do something that I'm already doing and then thinks that I only do it because she told me to! I teased her about it one day by telling her "left, right, left, right" while she was walking. My wife has so many good qualities that it completely overshadows the small things that might annoy me. I know that I probably annoy her more so we call it even...
  7. We had several Family Worship about communication and we used that article. It's a great article.
  8. You know what's really amazing to think of - 1.5 billion light years away is such an immense distance as to be practically uncomprehensible to humans, yet a angel can probably travel that distance in less than a second of our time!
  9. Don’t feel alone. I’ve never been super tidy either. Family background.... However, for the past few years we haven’t been able to have company because the house has been in a state of remodel. Getting it done as a diy has taken way more time than we imagined. We are working hard on it because we just want it done!!! Oh and I live with three guys! 🤷🏻‍♀️ The last thing I worry about is whether my socks bring me joy.
  10. Br Arellano, this article just came out in CultofMac.com. It may interest you. https://www.cultofmac.com/601266/goodnotes-5-notes-app/
  11. It has taken several years but my husband understands he has a listening problem. Lol We can be in the middle of a good conversation and his mind will drift away to thinking about something related to what was said. It’s funny because he’s always wanting to use “active listening” when talking to others but he forgets to do it with me. He has a spanish last name that was pronounced very americanly by his sergeant in the marines. So I just look at my husband, say his last name in a very American way and then tell him “You are making my eye twitch”. We got that from a line in the movie French Kiss where the woman was complaining about how grumpy the guy was. We cleaned it up a little 😉 I got on his case this week about traipsing through the house after working outside after finding wood chips on my bedroom carpet. He let me know I left the switch on every time I use the blender. 😂 We get annoyed with each other but then use lots of humor to get through the day. He’ll say ‘listen woman’ and I will say ‘listen McFly’. We use lots of names and movie references. 🤷🏻‍♀️😜 We all have things to work on. The man makes me a cup of coffee every morning and brings it to me in bed because I am not a morning person. He even makes meals a few times a week. I’m the one who measured out and planned our kitchen remodel. I love that that we are a great team despite everything. 😊
  12. My wife and I have been married 46 years. Small things my wife does that annoy me. When I start to take out the trash, when I am halfway to the door, she says, "don't forget to take out the trash." I usually look at her a little confused, but sometimes I ask, "do you see what I have in my hand?" After several weeks of this she claims, "You never take out the trash. I always have to remind you." When we were first married, I drove everywhere we went. In recent years she makes herself nervous when someone else drives. She will say things like, 'Don't hit that curb!", 'Watch out behind you!', 'don't hit anybody', 'watch the road'. At that point, I ask her to at least wait until I get the car cranked. Most of the time I just get out and let her drive.
  13. Some men do, some women do. Not all.
  14. Yes, hasty words are often regrettable. Stopping myself and keeping silent rather than speaking on impulse (tempting as it may be) has saved me from embarrassment or escalating a situation many times. When I fail to do so I am reminded how wise the words in Proverbs 14:29 are. We aren't thought-readers, and at least some of the time I find I've made incorrect assumptions. What a relief it is to have maintained self-control in those cases!
  15. Yes. A good wife is a great blessing. Prov 30! Just Older [emoji856]
  16. I'm really like your husband. And you are like my wife. I should not show her this topic. She would say : "See ! I'm not the only one."... I know I know, darling. You know, it's like the convention, we can go to the toilet while listening to the talk. And sometimes, you have to go to the toilet (like when you wake up, kind of biological), it's not like doing this prevent you from focusing on what is being said (on the contrary, if you prevent him to go to the toilet, the disconfort will hinder is ability to focus on what you are saying.) I could not wait for him to wake up so i woke him up saying i needed to talk... ...give me... full attention. So, maybe the best is to wait for the moment when both of you are available and able to focus. Maybe like during the breakfast, so after the daily text, on the sofa, when everyone is relaxed and spiritually refreshed. (Prov 15:23, 25:11 and Eccle 3:7) -------------- My wife sometimes use the expression "You never do this..." even though I do (and "You always do that..." even though I don't do that so much). But in fact, it's just that I don't do it enough (or I do it too much) according to her own standards (and needs). Men and women communicate differently and it can be annoying. -------------- To make the topic more balanced and positive (even if I understand we want to share some petpeeve), maybe we should add: What does your spouse do that really amaze you? (in a good way) My wife, she has many qualities and talents, I often feel unworthy. Thank you Jehovah. First, and to make things concrete : she is an amazing cook. Better than my mom, and that's something because my mother cuisine is heavenly (nothing to do with her hope and calling, haha, love you mom, will miss you). My wife made me like vegetables I hated with a passion, and I'm so happy to have the perspective to live by her side forever to enjoy Paradise food. Second, about christian qualities, definitely "christian love" : I assume it's also part of her Japanese culture, but she is always thinking about what she is doing and how it could hurt or encourage the Friends. She is very aware, considerate and compassionate, + her very good memory of people and events is astonishing. Sometimes, during the assemblies, she greets friends and talks to them in front of me, I keep a polite smile wondering "who are they" "where... how"... and after I ask her "So who were they" and she explains "You don't remember? She is the mother/cousin/sister of... from blabla congregation... we met her at blabla event... she had the red dress and shorter hair... it was like 8 years ago... we ate this and that"
  17. Guess my Meyer's Briggs results were accurate after all. 😄 (came back with a pretty uncommon result in general, almost non existent in women). Didn't realize that women don't generally do this. I have a child on the spectrum and try hard to plan what to discuss and not discuss for the exact same reason. It can be really frustrating at times. I can only imagine how much more so this would be the case with a spouse. ❤
  18. One of the best articles written... g94 1/22. Just Older [emoji856]
  19. Thank you brother for your reply! I like the idea of ticking off a finish book/chapter. It brought me to think about task managing apps and I would just enter the bible books 🙂 Thank you very much brother!
  20. Santiago2020

    Nuns on the run!

    Isn't that a song..."Nuns on the run...she's just a nun on the run"
  21. One of the things I have been told, and also consider to be true, is that men compartmentalize things and women do not. I, and by extension I include men, do this quite often. It's like if there is a problem, it's in its own special box, separate from anything else. If I need to do anything about it, it's as if I open the box, do what's needed, shut the box and move on. I don't, to the best of my ability, let one box adversely influence another box...to paraphrase, 'each box will have its troubles'... I've learned that women, and in my ignorance include them all, don't do this. Everything affects everything, so that the effect is..... . . . .. . . . . . Um, aren't they just so adorable, what would we be without them....😘...
  22. One of the books I read, said that introverts have a 'persona' that they send out to handle the outside world. Only close friends get to know the soft mushy insides. Most only ever get to know this persona. Oh they are such complex animals! Just Older [emoji856]
  23. I fell yesterday. In service. I was getting out of a back seat, my feet got tangled in my purse strap, and down I went. Initially, flat on my back. Then I bounced, and my head hit the ground, and it bounced. It was a hard fall. I remember as I was in the second phase, thinking, “Oh great, a two phase fall”. 

    I'm sore today. Actually pretty sore, and I did my neck no favors. At my age, it could have been life altering. Have you any idea how grateful I am? I assure you, that will not happen again. 

    I could have broken so many things. I feel like I really jarred myself. As I said, one thankful person, I am. 

    (It was my call, I went on it, then we all went home.) A long day that ended well!)

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    2. Stormswift


      Miss Bea that could have been so much worse. You olders sisters are precious but fragile vases, please be more careful and get well soon. I'm so glad you didn't break anything. 

      Love you x

    3. Rozannnancarrow


      Bea you need to be more careful at our age 😳 we don't want you hopping into jehovah day 🙄

    4. rlyem


      There were times when I get  and I forget where I get it. And even how careful I can be I still stumble. How hard it must be for you miss Bea :(

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