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  2. How recent is "recently"? The latest one I saw on Fox News was a week old. http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2018/07/09/trump-and-putin-and-human-rights-us-cannot-turn-blind-eye-to-moscows-abuses-at-next-weeks-summit.html There's another one also, but it's from June. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/06/18/us-urges-russia-to-release-political-religious-prisoners.html
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  4. Tortuga

    Drinking Radiator Water

    Per wiki: Poorly produced moonshine can be contaminated, mainly from materials used in the construction of the still. Stills employing automotive radiators as condensers are particularly dangerous; in some cases, glycol, products from antifreeze, can appear as well. Radiators used as condensers also may contain lead at the connections to the plumbing. These methods often resulted in blindness or lead poisoning for those consuming tainted liquor. It sounded like you planned to become a bootlegger.
  5. Noah and Thomas Andrews, Jr Daniel and Marcel Bich
  6. I'd like to hang out with David and Jonathan..
  7. Um, the one thing you folks have that I loved is the French fry stands. French fries with vinegar. We snuck off daily for that treat!
  8. What about famous historical people? Abraham Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth..
  9. I have too many Bible characters I’d love to talk with. Definitely the prophets and all they went thru. yes, I often think about David and Uriah when they meet again. O yes, also Elijah and Elisha. See what I mean.
  10. Oh wow you were traveling all around me. Didn't even stop in for coffee my word LOL!
  11. Fox News just recently mentioned activists want Trump to discuss releasing political and religious prisoners with Putin at Helsinki. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  12. Jonah and the fish
  13. Gregexplore

    Resurrection Reunions

    Cyrus and Isaiah ... They would have a good chat about Babylon.
  14. kejedo

    My off topic thread

    At an elegant dinner party, my (then) sister-in-law asked if she would like a filet mignon. "No thanks, I hate fish" was her winched answer.
  15. Moses and Joshua. Elijah and Elisha (sorry for the wrong spelling maybe) You know, it's about the old one leaving the young one with a mission... And never seeing him again... Until the resurrection. Great topic thank you
  16. Weird day. I have two sons. One is a brother. The, “not in the truth yet”, called about that cult show. He recognized local Kingdom Halls on national television. We had a talk about that mess.

    Then my other son called. There was a show on Fox  TV about the persecution of our brothers in Russia. He said it was positive towards us. I caught the tail end. 

    But, I, not going to watch Fox News to catch it again. 

    Like I said...

  17. Wouldn't you love to be there when Cain and Abel see each other for the first time after they are resurrected? or.. David and Goliath? (will the resurrected Goliath be shorter?) David and Uriah? (I think that should be a private meeting) Moses and Charlton Heston? What Resurrection Reunions would you like to see?
  18. Monday, July 16 Who makes you different from another?—1 Cor. 4:7. For a while, the apostle Peter harbored prejudice against non-Jews, but he gradually learned to eradicate negative views from his heart. (Acts 10:28, 34, 35; Gal. 2:11-14) Likewise, if we detect any trace of prejudice or racial pride in us, we should make a conscious effort to root it out of our heart. (1 Pet. 1:22) We might reflect on the fact that none of us deserve salvation; we are all imperfect humans, regardless of our nationality. (Rom. 3:9, 10, 21-24) So why should we feel superior to anyone else? We should have a view like that of the apostle Paul, who admonished his fellow anointed Christians that they were “no longer strangers and foreigners, but . . . members of the household of God.” (Eph. 2:19) Earnest effort to overcome prejudiced views regarding those who are of a different background will certainly help us to put on the new personality.—Col. 3:10, 11. w16.10 1:9
  19. OT I have a daughter in Brantford. And three grand kids, oh, and a Dutch son in law! I was up there last year. Went to the Six Nations Reserve. Wonderful gift shop. Plus, I got to go to Paris!
  20. Tortuga

    Witness memes

    So true...eh..
  21. Tortuga

    My off topic thread

    I'd love to be there when Charlton Heston meets the real Mosses...
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