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  2. What makes it funny is how over the top it is. There are stereotypes of white people which are funny as well. SNL has a skit called “The Californians”. It is an exaggerated take on a group of people. It makes Southern California people look vain and superficial. I have blonde hair, but if a blonde joke is good, I will laugh at it.
  3. Post a picture... Any picture

    Took my Mom on a color tour to ooh and ahhh over Jehovah's incredibly beautiful creation. It was a glorious day, even though the colors are very muted this year. I am blessed to live next to state and national forests. Lots of unspoiled scenery right in my own backyard.
  4. Lines of communication got crossed and my ride to meeting didn't call or pick me up for meeting tonight. Plus the phone tie in isn't working! Another meeting missed for me, I'm sad. I was ready too, even fell down in my tub taking a shower for meeting. Now sad and my hip hurts, got a nice size bruise on my hind part. :exclamation::cry:

    1. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Life happens, and I’m so sorry. Jehovah knows the effort you put out to be there. (As we also know!) Look for a better tomorrow. 

  5. Bay Area on Fire

    Flammable roofing,Wooden decks ... Wood or plastic siding and wood or plastic soffits are huge sources of ignition. Even debris in eve troughs collect embers and burn the fascia and up in flames goes the roof. Most houses and buildings are poorly engineered when it comes to falling embers. If they engineered buildings for fire the way they do for water penetration we would not be having this issue.. We expect it to rain water not firey embers.. There is a good program on 60 Minutes called “ In the path of fire”. Everyone in fire prone areas should watch it and apply it.. it is recommended watching by the NFPA . So if someone is looking for a conspiracy blame it on cheap wood as a form of exterior cladding .. . After all we have to blame someone ..those sneaky beavers ;)
  6. I understand about the water, we are also on a well and went six days without power with Irma
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  8. Russian Federation (Largest country in the world)
  9. Bay Area on Fire

    We woke up one night to our neighbor's garage engulfed in flames, and embers raining down all over our forest and landing on our house, when we lived in Washington. It was a really weird feeling, because all we could do was wait for a fire to start on our property with the garden hose, but thankfully none ever did. We couldn't believe it, and were very careful after that to keep the forest floor as cleared of dead limbs as we could. After they logged the hillside behind our property, the winds were unabated and kept blowing down our trees, so it was an unending job keeping it cleared. Rocket is right, it's the underbrush that burns, and there was none in that photo, since it was all parking lot and grass. Here are some photos of them logging, and what we had to go through to clean up the blow downs.
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  11. Hurricane Brian hits Ireland and UK

    As far as I know everyone is safe here, we had a safety announcement at the Sunday meeting telling us to take care, stay in doors and not to take chances with anything. I was rang twice by elders during the storm to make sure everything was ok. Many of us are without power and water as we mostly in this area have wells and we need electricity to pump the water to the surface. Also phone service is bad or non existent , but everything is getting back together ok. Schools are open tomorrow so long as they haven't received and damage. Thank you so much for thinking of me Thank you
  12. Hurricane Brian hits Ireland and UK

    ^^^ What John said. Glad you are all safe, Annie.
  13. Post a picture... Any picture

    this evening's sunset, about 15 minutes between photographs
  14. Queanbeyan - NSW Which proudly has this statue of a giant snail, affectionately known as Morty.
  15. Bay Area on Fire

    Example of wildfire only burning underbrush.
  16. Annie, glad to see your post. We were all concerned about the friends/brothers and sisters in Ireland - especially you, since we know you from this board. Thanks for the post and the photo - that is very pleasant and calming to look at
  17. The same could be said of the way they portray the "Southern American" accent. I live in the South and have a wife that is many, many generations Floridian as well as children raised entirely in Florida (I have only lived here since I was 8) and none of them talk like a "Southern Bell" - that accent is also not "real" or common .... So, I guess it is all in the way you look at it
  18. Hurricane Brian hits Ireland and UK

    Sorry but they've not actually given this storm a name yet, although it may well be called Brian... who knows, the one this weekend was Ophelia and I thought then ran alphabetically ? I live on the furthest south west tip of Ireland, hurricane Ophelia was a nasty violent storm with winds here of 120mph. Ireland is very used to stormy weather and often gets the tail end of hurricanes... but Ophelia was the furthest east that one had actually formed. This next storm doesn't actually have a designated path yet despite what some scaremongering newspapers say. We're still clearing up as a country and over 200,000 homes and businesses are without power. Let's hope this next storm isn't too bad we have our assembly this weekend. Today was beautiful and it was as if nothing happened yesterday !
  19. Bay Area on Fire

    Not strange at all. The wild fires in Oregon we saw first hand just last month where hundreds of acres of timberland burned. Most of what i saw only burnt the underbrush and left the green part of the tree green. One can't really see the damage to the trees from the air.
  20. I will admit that it was funny when Job’s wife said “GET YO LIFE” at the 2:43 mark
  21. Personally, I'd love more ethnic accents for our dramas and Bible readings. Properly Middle Eastern for some characters. I envision (and can do!) a lovely New York Jewish Mama accent for Naomi in the book of Ruth. It could really bring things to life! Me neither, to be honest. The video was GREATLY exaggerated.
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