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  2. Good point. And who knows maybe the English translation is not accurate either? For instance, I have contacted to a scholar who translated the Lucian’s ancient Greek text in Georgian and I gave her few questions about the words the text uses. In her translation we don’t read these words: “stretched from crag to crag”. Instead, translated text reads this way: “If it’s so, hit the hummer with full power, chain the hands and nail him (Prometheus) on the crags” (“crags” is in plural here). As we see even translators interprate text so much differently that I would be very careful to ise just this reference as only the evidence to prove the meaning of Stauros. Although the translator promised me to answer my questions, she gave me short reply saying: “Mind that the text (I mean the translation from Old Greek) has been changed little bit. Few things has been changed at the time comments were made.”
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  4. TonyWenz

    Wombat poop

    When out in the rurals, I come across square scats. For an animal that sleeps 16 hours a day, and an average drop of 80 - 100 cubes per night, it keeps on the move! If it wasn't for the smell, you can use them for dice. [emoji456] Some interesting facts, but I try not to get to anal about it. Older {waiting for wiser} [emoji1353]
  5. Also try Hopper and Hipmunk. Also Google Flights - you can ask to be notified via email of any fares changes, etc. What we found is that it's far cheaper to fly from New York to Paris than from Albuquerque (home) to Paris. From Albuquerque, it was about $1500, whereas from New York it was less than $600 roundtrip! Thankfully we have airline miles on our credit card to get us from Albuquerque to New York without cost. But if you can secure a cheaper flight from New York, maybe you can drive there from Florida, or get a cheap flight up there? May come out cheaper than flying from your home to Athens. . . . .
  6. I’ve been helping my elderly/infirm spiritual mom and dad pack their belongings to move to their new home in the Gwinn area. One son came on Wednesday night to help thru Sunday, the other son came from Ohio Friday night thru Sunday morning. A brother came from their old congregation and helped as well. Their sons both had to get back home cause their both truckers and had to be back to work. 

    I never saw such heavy stuff being wheeled out (on dollies) of the old house and back into a new house so fast. Those guys never stopped.


    O we started out with a 20 foot trailer.


    Today, I am going up to their new house to pick them up so they can close on the house. I will be so happy to permanently get them away from the crazy landlady. They are thrilled.


    Two days of standing/walking around and lifting was all my poor knees could take. I’m glad we didn’t have to do anymore on Sunday, they just couldn’t take much more. They (knees) needed a rest. 


    Than Saturday mom had a scary health issue so I took her to Marquette ER. So we were done for that day as it took forever at the ER. Turns out it was kinda what we thought it was. Worse bladder infection the ER doc ever saw.


    Marquette (their now congregation) friends are already happy to have them back. At least there, (as they were in that congregation before) friends will call or even visit them and someone nearby who can take them to meetings on their good days.  


    They won’t be ignored. 

    1. kejedo


      So glad they will be in a better location. Tell your Mom I'm sorry about the bladder infection - those things are painful. Hope your knees have a chance to recover. It's nice to rejoin a former congregation.


  7. https://tv.jw.org/#en/home latest video on jwbroadcast... Nice reminder by GB member bro Cook...
  8. Loopy

    Wombat poop

    Huh! I thought the US was bad for spending money on stupid research.
  9. If it rains enough to put out the fires - watch out for mud/debris slides
  10. pnutts

    Wombat poop

    That helps us how? It's a cr..py job but someone's got to do it.💩💩 I will file this useless piece of trivia under D G for dirt garbage.💩
  11. Look Ma! No Eyebrows! 🔥 Can't spark burn them off anymore ⚡
  12. Great Advice. ❄️🚽
  13. People get paid to do this? https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2018/11/19/australia/wombat-cube-poo-intl/index.html
  14. Yes, rain forecasted starting on Wednesday. We were expecting a thunderstorm but its been changed to just rain.
  15. hear other news report Camp Fire: Death toll rises to 77, more than 10,000 homes burned
  16. Just keep in mind the reference used is a translation or interpretation of Lucian's interpretation. So we have an interpretation of an interpretation. This should cause question about the use of the word anastauroo. Was it interpreted correctly? We already have evidence that other works like the King James did not interpret the word correctly.
  17. As I said before, the way I see it, we don't know for certainty the exact form. it not the same as not knowing for certainty if it was a cross or a stake.... Indeed it says that the evidence of the bible points to an upright stake.... I have no reason to think otherwise... The slave also made its detective work and keeps doing... They've also read all the references and secular works about it. It's not only them who believes that Jesus didn't die on a cross... most secular references agree with that conclusion In this case there is no "it seems".... In the case of the nails, both conclusions are valid per si (one nail in each hand or nails considering hands and feet) but in view of all the other texts, that reference doesn't do nothing against the argument that it wasn't a cross but a stake https://www.jw.org/en/bible-teachings/questions/did-jesus-die-on-cross/
  18. Thank you, This is the whole point.....whether you lean toward a stake or the cross being the instrument of death, those words will have different meaning. Notice the use of a question rather than a conclusive statement: “does the use of nails (plural) have to be understood.....? .......use of the plural “nails” could have been a general reference ...” You use that quote in response to my saying “why be dogmatic?” But the quote is not dogmatic, so it agrees with the other FS comment quoted earlier, that “there’s no way to know for a certainty” I've noticed this quite a bit; when the faithful slave says something “may be” or “could be” or “seems to be”, many of our dear friends assume it as fact.
  19. Try Skyscanner...and you could look for flights where Athens is a layover and not the final destination
  20. Yes, we live about 40 miles Southwest of Marianna.
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