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  2. Pluto. Some scientists don't think it is a planet so Chris listed it as (P).
  3. Some youngsters of my congregation decided to make a collage with pictures of the resurrection and comforting bible-scriptures. They want to send it to the Finnish Branch to forward it to family or the congregation where the sister was from . Once the Collage is finished I will post a picture.
  4. What does the (P) stand for?
  5. Tim, is that your business or just a site you recommend? Not that it counts, just out of curiosity.
  6. Mother Very Thoughtfully Made A Jelly Sandwich Under No Protest - Robert Heinlein
  7. Welcome to Fig Tree Marketplace! Aug 19, 2017 | News | 0 comments Welcome to Fig Tree Marketplace! Fig Tree Marketplace is a modest shop run by my wife and I. We live in southwest Missouri and are active Jehovah’s Witnesses. I grew up working in a family business for over 30 years and my wife has extensive retail experience in a large corporation. Together we hope to combine our talents to provide some useful items for you to use in your ministry and daily life. It is definitely a work in progress so please stop by regularly to see what changes and additions we’ve made. To go along with that we would love to hear your suggestions about what items you would like to see offered or changes that you would like to see. Upcoming News We just finished designing our 2017-2018 Pocket planners for the service year. Next we will be working on items for the 2018 yeartext and other 2018 related items. As many of you have probably heard Stoops Manufacturing is going out of business. We are in the process of acquiring the little remaining inventory that is left. So if there are some items you’ve been wanting you will be able to order those until the stock is gone. So that’s just a little about Fig Tree Marketplace and some upcoming news. Thanks and have a great day!
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  9. I know how you felt, skipdaflip, and agree with you. I also understand that others say, that author wanted to write Jehovah sees what it is in people's heart. This is just a novel, right? Is it worth to discuss "can believe or cannot believe "? I don't care there are some stories that I feel hard to believe their possibilities. I just think, "ah, he thought like this, but I don't ". I think it's waste of time to think about each story can be believed or not. Jehovah always does what beyond our imagination, so I'm long to see his awe-inspiring work in the future. On that Day, we will see our God answers lots of our questions we have now and praise Him from bottom of our heart. Till then, let's enjoy these stories just as stories. We don't have to take them so seriously. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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