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Help to Avoid Developing a Casual Attitude

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For us we have become even more diligent.


Example: As restaurants were only allowed pickup/ takout we did that a few times because you call the order and pickup outside with others keeping a distance. Then there was allowed outside dining but pickup was still a good option. Now inside dining is allowed. Pickup is inside and less people wear a mask or social distance. Just too casual and too close so we won't be doing pickup.


Grocery shopping has also become more challenging.

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For us in NZ - everyone's treating things as they were pre-covid because we have gone to level one. (Which is lowest level we can have - in other words 'normal')

But I'm not trusting it.

Tom and I are limiting visits to people who we know - and usually only 2-3 in the household - and even then, rare visits. One of my best friends she's an ambulance officer, love love love her and we spend once a fortnight doing family study together, but there's a fear there who knows who she is coming into cnntact with?  I've calculated my vulnerability and Tom's based on some stats out of the US ... ie: Diabetics are 4.56% more likely to die with covid19 - but uncontrolled Diabetes can raise it to 15% = huge jump. Then there's HBP, Age, lung problems all against us as well. None of us in NZ can afford to complacent - it's very rare to find anyone even in the younger generation who doesn't have at least ONE high risk factor now.  


So i've not lost my urgency about this even though we are in a 'good country' - I know it's lurking out there - and it takes days for numbers to double exponentially ... we can't let our guard down ... we have to listen to the Government like we were encouraged in that talk and see every life as precious. A full lockdown is more clear cut in my eyes - i felt much safer in level 4 than I do now.

<p>"Jehovah chooses to either 'reveal' or 'conceal' - cherish what he reveals and be patient with what he conceals."

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One way to help others to keep from getting casual attitude, besides not getting a casual attitude ourselves, is to not get distracted by the events of this world and their social, political, racial, economic lifestyle and other problems and issues.


In our area, even though there is a "wear mask in public buildings" mandate, many are not doing it. They pay no attention to the dangers that still exist for C-19 because they have gotten so wrapped up in social and political matters. They are more interested in renaming buildings due to being offended by names and/or words, promoting and/or defaming politicians they are for or against, diminishing the effects of C-19 by manipulating and/or ignoring the data.


We cannot let ourselves be drawn into these distraction like those in the world do - we need to remain vigilant and continue to voice our support for the Kingdom to solve the problems around us.


If we get distracted, we will not be "building one another up as we see the end coming near" and we will run the risk of forgetting that we must still take C-19 seriously and that, as the Update #4 reminded us, we follow the direction of the FDS - not the local naysayers.



"Let all things take place decently and by arrangement."
~ 1 Corinthians 14:40 ~

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My wife and I live in New York. About an hour and half outside of NYC. About 45 min from Warwick Bethel.  It’s been very tough here. We’re commuters/ remote workers ( now out of “bethel work”) 😞 Many brothers and sisters have personally lost family members and friends to the virus. Some of our friends have gotten it and recovered.  Some of the bethelites in our congregation have lost parents To the disease, and they cannot leave to visit with their families.  Although my wife and I like to think we’re younger (30s) this has really made an impact as to the seriousness.  I have to travel often for work. My last trip, which I drove, was to GA.  Being down there and seeing how everyone acted was shocking. Not taking many precautions, if any.  Granted the cases were much lower, but being in and around a “hot spot” for the virus has really scared us.   Almost in a way that we don’t see life going back to “normal” til Jehovah’s government takes over.  We wish you all stay safe and take all of the precautions seriously and remember listening to Jehovah’s organization over anything else!  

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On 6/20/2020 at 6:53 AM, Thesauron said:

How do we help one another not to develop a casual attitude towards the Covid-19 virus

Be a good example. If you have gotten any emails from your body of elders about precautions we should take, read those emails again, and see if you are following the direction in them. 


If anyone in your congregation asks you why you're taking certain precautions, or asks you to do something that is out of harmony with the direction you've been given, you can politely say "I just saw an email from *such and such*, so I'm going to be (staying home, keeping my mask on, staying six feet away, etc.)"



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Watching the Governing Body Update #4 at next week's midweek meeting, so as to make sure that everyone have seen it, truly comes at the right time. Case numbers continue going up especially in many states in the US. It's as if the GB knew the perfect timing for the whole brotherhood needs to see the video 🤔😅

To this David said: “What have I done now? I was only asking a question!”

– 1 Samuel 17:29

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