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2 hours ago, dilip kumar said:

Can anybody see me and my wife ??:uhhuh:


Ohh! That's easy. The lion is you, and the girl holding him is your wife! (The one on the other side is your daughter?) Maybe not? LaughingSnickeringDoggy.gif.58be0a25465adad55ba1b73d7184734d.gif

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Space Lightning:



"This amazing lightning-like phenomenon is known as a Gigantic Jet," says Frankie Lucena of Puerto Rico, who processed the video. "They are related to sprites, but more powerful and easier to see with the naked eye."  

Cloudcam video caught at least three of these jets springing from the tops of a powerful growing thunderstorm. The tallest of them reached all the way to theionosphere some 80 km overhead. 

"Gigantic Jets are much more rare than sprites," says Oscar van der Velde, a member of the Lightning Research Group at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. "While sprites were discovered in 1989 and have since been photographed by the thousands, it was not until 2001-2002 that Gigantic Jets were first recorded from Puerto Rico and Taiwan." Only a few dozen Gigantic Jets have ever been seen, mostly over open ocean.


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Is there a Romulan ship coming out of that "storm in space" :eek:

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