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Brother Jack

How do English speaking brothers and sisters outside the US feel about watching jw videos with an American accent

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We had a speaker from New Jersey last week (im in the UK) as he was over visiting family. Hearing a different accent like that seemed to make everyone instantly pay better attention! It helped that he spoke very clearly and was a very good speaker :D

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this is a very interesting discussion,as for me i feel your accent is not really what matters (since we all can't speak the same way),so its good to take it slow and easy when you speak so that others can understand you.ive always admired the brothers on jw tv for this method of speaking and its always been very easy for all to understand them in my congregation.

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I’ve been wanting to do this topic for a while. I live in the US so I think nothing of the brothers “accents” when I watch videos on jw broadcasting... but I wonder... how do you English speaking brothers and sisters in the UK, South Africa, Australia and other parts of the world feel about our videos in the American accent. Are you guys used to it? It would be very different if all I heard were brothers from England in our videos. How do you guys feel?
If it happens to be your first time to it, then, it goes very fast. However, you become conversant with it, it becomes normal. I am even trying to learn the way the Americans speak(accents). From Ghana.

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