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Kingdom Halls Burned

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The sister in the news video is absolutely right about the times we live in. A sad story but, I'm so glad for the camera footage of the arsonist... someone will recognize his walk, clothing, size, or the fact that he wasn't home at 4 to 4:30 am. 

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9 hours ago, 1gemstone said:

It almost looks like the person set themselves on fire.


I thought the same thing. Like the fire engulfed him. :oops:

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Like the brother said in the morning worship 9 days ago, we are at the brink of the G.T.  Expect more insanity to happen.  Glad to see that the kingdom hall had a video of the person.   I hope they catch the person.  If he caught himself on fire, then his hands and coat should show signs.  He probably went home and threw the coat in the in a trash bag and its now in the trash to go.  His face might have some burnt marks on him.  Whatever Jehovah saw the person, he'll make sure justice is administered!  

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10 hours ago, sunshine said:

You can only burn material things, this mans attempts to discourage the brothers are futile.



This was my first thought. Perhaps they didn't know the immense scale of our worldwide brotherhood.


We are a persistent and amendable people, but most importantly, our countenance is forged in Jehovah, Christ & His heavenly Kingdom. They can burn down every Kingdom Hall on the planet, throw us in prison or even in some cases, take our lives. But we will never be defeated. Beneath the shadow of Jehovah's wing, we are held close to his heart and every single one of us are seen as valuable and precious. Collectively we are his children, and those who think they can bury us have truly no idea who they're trifling with. I shudder to think of the burning regret they will feel, when they realize what they have done. We are so grateful to be in the presence of Jehovah, and even belong to Him.

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4 minutes ago, lovejoypeace said:

Perhaps they didn't know the immense scale of our worldwide brotherhood.


5 minutes ago, lovejoypeace said:

But we will never be defeated. Beneath the shadow of Jehovah's wing, we are held close to his heart and every single one of us are seen as valuable and precious.

Absolutely agree with this^^^^^


History is full of examples of ignorant people who persecuted Jehovah's people.  It didn't work out so well for them then, modern day examples will be no different. ...

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I'm not sure if someone has posted about this already or not.  I haven't been on here a lot lately and I don't know whether or not anyone on here has heard about these incidents.   On March 19th two Kingdom Halls were set on fire in the Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater area in Washington State in Thurston County.  It happened early in the morning while it was still dark.

One of the Kingdom Halls was in Tumwater and replaced a Kingdom Hall that burned down from arson 15 years ago in a different lot in West Tumwater.   They mentioned the one that burned down 15 years ago on the news.  The police were never able to find out who the arsonist or arsonists were in that case.  At this time it is unknown who the current arsonist against these Kingdom Halls is.  


There are two English congregations that meet there at this time. Tumwater West/West Tumwater congregation and the West Bay congregation, as well as the Olympia Spanish congregation which is one of the Spanish congregations in the area.  There was another congregation that used to meet there but it meets somewhere else now, I believe at the other Hall that was set on fire.  The West Bay congregation is one of the newer congregations in the area as it is barely eight years old.  The West Bay congregation territory is mainly the West side of Olympia.  

The other Kingdom Hall had surveillance cameras and the authorities could see what looked like a man using a container of liquid to help start the fire.  He is the only person that can be seen and is about 5 feet eight inches tall to five feet ten inches tall.  But as they reported in the media, no one can see what the man looks like, no one can see his face on the video.   They showed the video on the TV news in Seattle which is where the closest TV news stations to the Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater area are located.  They said that a third Kingdom Hall was threatened on the internet.  


They were not burned down and are being repaired.  I know that at least at the Tumwater Kingdom Hall they were able to have the two memorials that were scheduled to take place there. One of the other congregations was going to rent a place anyway.   I don't know about the other Kingdom Hall since the damage there was more severe.


A group showed up for early morning service the day the fires were set and two people used the hose outside the Kingdom Hall before the Fire Department arrived which prevented the damage from being as severe as it would have been.   

I know that the first Kingdom Hall not in Tumwater, although not brand new recently, but it is still the newest Kingdom Hall in the area. 


In a statement that was repeated on the news in March the brothers said that they hope that the person is caught soon and that he receives the help that he needs.




The Olympian is the newspaper for the Olympia area.  According to one of the articles in March, a reward has been offered (Not by Jehovah's Witnesses) for information leading to the arrest and or conviction of the person responsible.

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1 hour ago, digital_dreamer said:

I believe this might be the story and post you are referring to:

Two Kingdom Halls burned in Washington

Thank You.  One of them was my Kingdom Hall which is how I know that two Memorials for Christ's Death were still held there on March 31st 2018.  The arson happened on March 19th of this year and a third Kingdom Hall in our area was threatened by someone on the internet shortly after according to the police.


One of the Kingdom Halls that was set on fire recently in Tumwater WA, by Olympia, Olympia is the capital of Washington State, replaced another Kingdom Hall in another lot that burned down from arson 15 years ago in Tumwater.  The authorities never found out who that particular arsonist or arsonists were.

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These two Kingdom Halls that were set on fire were in the Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater area in Thurston County Washington State, specifically Olympia and Tumwater.


I don't know if anyone has posted about what happened to the Kingdom Hall in Yelm Washington yet.  But it's in the same County and the same circuit as well.  It was shot by rounds of bullets, thankfully when one was inside. 





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