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That thing that's tumbling through space - Oumuamua

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It's apparently not an alien.  So, that's good.  And yet, for some reason, scientists have published that the mysteriousness of this object could possibly maybe perhaps one-chance-in-a-million be of alien source.  Or not.  (I think they just want the notoriety).


Katie Mack, a well-known astrophysicist at North Carolina State, also took issue with the alien hype.

"The thing you have to understand is: scientists are perfectly happy to publish an outlandish idea if it has even the tiniest sliver of a chance of not being wrong," she wrote on Twitter.

"But until every other possibility has been exhausted dozen times over, even the authors probably don't believe it."



Reminds me of what they've done with the evolution theory..... 😜

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It always amazes me that the same people who believe in aliens and that they have an intelligence much higher than ours, that they are spying on us, etc.etc. totally refute the idea that God exists.


And that possible alien floating around is space?  Looks like a bit of rock to me. :uhhuh:

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8 hours ago, Friends just call me Ross said:

Saw this on space weather.com today.

The reason they feel alien intelligence is involved seems to be because the speeds up and slows down by itself.

That criteria would make the clock in my car alien.^_^

That is actually what they were thinking. The clock in your car is artifical in origin, not natural.  That is the key.  If this rock was speeding up or slowing down by mechanical or artificial means, then it had to be of alien origin. 


The most likely scenario, backed up by the statement the rock behaves like a comet, is that there are gas eruptions or volcano like geysers shooting off and acting like natural rockets. 


But this rock is alien in the sense that it came from some other star system. Just think, this object most likely started its journey here before Adam was created. 

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You don’t know, do you? No. But ‘Oumuamua is generally mysterious. It was spotted last October whizzing past the sun, too fast to have originated in our solar system. It was declared the first interstellar object ever discovered, before disappearing from view in January.


Cool. It was long and thin, unlike any asteroid or comet seen before. And its surface was carbon-based, not ice or rock. And – get this – after passing the sun, it suddenly sped up. So now some scientists are speculating …


Aliens! Perhaps. In a new paper in the Astrophysical Journal Letters, the Harvard professors Shmuel Bialy and Abraham Loeb discuss a range of theories to explain ‘Oumuamua’s strange behaviour.


I don’t want a range of theories. I want aliens. Settle down. Initially, the acceleration was put down to outgassing.


(Snigger.) When comets pass close to stars, they release gas that can speed them up. No gas was detected from ‘Oumuamua, but it might have been released quite gently.

Silent but violent. Indeed. However, Bialy and Loeb say it could also have been pushed by the sunlight striking it, like a deliberately designed solar sail.




So what could it be? 









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Clips from Earth have been broadcast for ages.  This is their answer to the 'monolith' as seen in 2001: A Space Odyssey.  :boating:


Prepare to meet your new Alien overlords! :lol1:




Musky is suspiciously inactive in this thread..... :borg:  


*Cerebral puts on her tinfoil hat* :party:

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Oumuamua, the first interstellar object known to enter our solar system, accelerated faster away from the Sun than expected, hence the notion that some kind of artificial sail that runs on sunlight - known as a light sail - may have helped push it through space.  


Alien #1: Oh crumb, they've seen us.

Alien #2: Let's just pretend we're an asteroid. 

Alien #1: Um, we kind of are riding an asteroid.

Alien #2: No we're not, this is a cruise vessel with a sail that runs on power from that yellow dwarf star you see over there.

Alien #1: Phhht, prove it.  

Alien #2: Hits the gas.....

Alien #1: Drat, I think they seen us punch it!

Alien #2: It's okay, they have the collective IQ of the pond scum back on Proxima Centauri b, they won't be following us...

Alien #1: That's not nice.  

Alien #2: I know, that's why I said it.  

Alien #1,2: :lol1:

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