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We have never seen weather like that!

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We know it’s becoming so obvious our weather has been changing, and every year it’s getting more severe in its effects. Take Italy this past week.


Last Wednesday the Lake Como area experienced severe flooding and mudslides, and the region of Emiglia-Romagna had hail the size of golf balls that smashed windscreens on cars on the autostrada where kilometres of cars were wrecked. The pictures look like Armaggedon 😱






And meanwhile in the South, Italy’s fire service tackles over 800 wildfires in 24 hours as temperatures soar,  more than 250 wildfires in Sicily alone!



Fires have also been raging across other parts of southern Europe, including Greece and tourist hotspots in southern Turkey, where wildfires have claimed eight lives.

Fanned by soaring temperatures, strong winds and climate change — which experts say increases both the frequency and intensity of such blazes — this year’s fire season has been significantly more destructive than the previous average, EU data shows.


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image.png.268de27b29dce072d996cb35134740a2.png  A hidden paradise in Italy. Wow!





Didn't know where Lake Como was. Surprised it is so near to Switzerland. Oh Lombardy 




Home to the country’s most beautiful lakeside villas, several ski resorts and with fashionable Milan as its capital, it’s easy to see why Lombardy is the most glamorous region of Northern Italy.



No end to the suffering of the people in North Italy. First, the ravages of the virus and now natural disasters. The people here have been badly battered. 

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I have noticed that floods are happening in so many places on earth. 

Frequency of those floods is out of control. 

In one of the worst months on record, over 920 people have died in floods, landslides and other rain-related incidents worldwide in July 2021.

 FloodList recorded 124 flood events across 385 locations in more than 20 countries during July. :scared:


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Fires also are seen on the increase. (just one example below..there is plenty more if you google it) 

Wildfires break out across much of southern Europe, with temperature reaching 45C in Greece


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Greece's week-long heatwave is its worst in 30 years.


In neighbouring Turkey, authorities are battling the country's worst-ever wildfires.


In Italy, hot winds fanned flames on the island of Sicily this week.


Two killed in Greece, and so many domestic animals have perished.


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Similarly, in Greece from 29 July to 7 August, 56,655 hectares were burnt in Greece, according to the European Forest Fire Information System.

The average area burnt over the same 10 summer days between 2008 and 2020 was 1,700 hectares.



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The Italians are calling their heatwave the "Lucifer" heatwave as temperatures are forecast to reach as high as 48° in the next few days in parts of southern Italy as the 'Lucifer' heatwave intensifies in what is expected to be the hottest week of the year.  It's spreading north to Bologna and Rome, so those cities getting to 48C is really unusual.


Italy's Civil Protection Department has warned that the risk of wildfires is set to increase throughout the nation this week due to the heatwave.
Many regions have been hit by devastating wildfires in recent weeks, with Sardinia, Sicily and Abruzzo hit particularly hard.
Scientists say the climate crisis is causing heatwaves and extreme weather events to be more frequent and more intense.


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Posted (edited)


Experts are keeping an eye on a glacier on Italy’s side of Mount Blanc. The “lucifer” heatwave may be a cause for concern. 


In years past, the Planpincieux glacier was lodged in a more stable position on the rock, and was thicker with fewer fractures, said Paolo Perret, a glacier expert at the Courmayeur-based Safe Mountains Foundation.

But due to rising temperatures caused by climate change, "the glacier withdrew to a smooth and steep surface which causes it to be in an unstable position," Perret said.


The movements are not insignificant, with the glacier in extreme cases slipping as much as 150 centimetres (4 feet 9 inches) in a day, he said.


By contrast, the Whymper serac, a polar glacier above it looming nearly 4,000 metres above sea level, can slide between two and 20 centimetres per day, said Perret, resulting in "imminent collapses".


And this report from last August:

A local environmental risk expert said the fragile ice could fall at any time. The threatening glacier section is about the size of Milan cathedral. Planpincieux glacier, in the Mont Blanc massif, has weakened because of intense summer heat alternating with night-time cold. 

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A Russian aircraft deployed to Turkey to fight wildfires crashed on Saturday, killing all eight people on board, officials said.

According to TASS, the plane was sent by Russia to Turkey on July 8 to help douse wildfires that have swept across the country in recent weeks.

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First-ever water cuts declared for Colorado River in historic drought


The federal government on Monday declared a water shortage on the Colorado River for the first time, triggering mandatory water consumption cuts for states in the Southwest, as climate change-fueled drought pushes the level in Lake Mead to unprecedented lows.

Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the US by volume, has drained at an alarming rate this year. At around 1,067 feet above sea level and 35% full, the Colorado River reservoir is at its lowest since the lake was filled after the Hoover Dam was completed in the 1930s.

Lake Powell, which is also fed by the Colorado River and is the country’s second-largest reservoir, recently sank to a record low and is now 32% full.


Me- I have a feeling a lot of the bottled water is or is going to be sent out west, I'm seeing shortages in my area although I've stopped buying plastic bottled water for drinking, instead buying it in bulk and still running it through a Zero water filter.

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2 dead and 20 unaccounted for in North Carolina flooding after the remnants of Tropical Storm Fred slam area



Two people have died and searches for others are underway amid severe flooding in western North Carolina, where the remnants of Tropical Storm Fred swamped or washed away homes and roads, authorities said Thursday.

About 20 people are unaccounted for in Haywood County west of Asheville after Fred slammed the area as a tropical depression on Tuesday, county authorities said.
About 250 rescuers, some using boats and drones, are searching for them in that county, state emergency management officials said. Stunned residents there -- as well as badly flooded Transylvania County nearby -- are taking stock of a changed landscape.
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Its very sad to know about these unfortunate changes in climate in other places.although its not occuring where I live but it is tormenting to know how people struggle to survive this last days.i watched the news about the recent  tropical storm in Haiti,it makes me really sick.

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