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    Yesterday we had a special meeting and all the congregations of Greece and Cyprus were connected by streaming. The talk was given by a Dutch brother who was representative of world headquarters. Most of us we were expecting the release of the new New World Translation in greek, but it didn't. However, we enjoyed an encouraged talk. I would like to share with you a wonderful experience that brother from Nederlands shared with us. It shows an amazing way how Jehovah can really find his lost sheeps. Listen and please forgive my poor english. There was a brother in Nederlands. He was a good brother and a good husband. His native languages were indonesian and english but he learned very soon to speak also dutch. He worked as engineer in dutch railways. His job was to stand by a phone and every time there was a problem in railways they used to call him to fix it. That call could be happened any time, day and night. His duty was to stay always alerted by his cell phone. One night, after the meeting, at 10:00pm his phone rung. It was from his work, so as usually he dressed and left for the work. But he never returned. His wife was worried in the morning and she called the local elders. All together they informed the police and the police started the investigation. The problem was more complicated when the police started to behave to the sister as a suspect. It was very rush moments for the sister. In Belgium a car was running with full speed on a highway. The car stopped, somebody opened the door and threw out a body. It was the missing brother. But he was still alive. He just injured very seriously his head. An ambulance came and they took him at hospital. He stayed some days there but.... he had amnesia. Totaly amnesia. He didn't remember anything. Neither his name, neither his wife, neither his previous life, he forgot even to speak in dutch. He spoke only indonesian and english. When he got out from hospital he didn't know where to go. He started living as a homeless person. In this point, excuse me but I don't remember if he crossed the borders to Nederlands or he remained in Belgium. He found hospitality in a place for homeless persons. One day he found in the library a book that named: "The truth that leads to everlasting life" (Blue bomb). He started reading it, he attracted by the truth, he wrote to the local branch and he started a bible study with a brother. After 6 months he got baptized! He left the asylum and he started living a normal life as a Christian by attending the meetings and going at field service. One day when he was at public ministry some brothers from his old congregation, saw him. They stared at him by he didn't respond. These brothers acted very wise by not talking to him, but they informed immediately the elders of his previous congregation. The elders found him and with a very district way they informed him, who he really was. They informed him that he had a wife and they showed him pictures of his wedding. The brother didn't remember absolutely anything. But the brother knew that he had to do the right thing. He found his wife, he reloved her and now he is a good brother and a good husband again. So the police couldn't find him, neither in Belgium, neither in Nederlands. Jehovah found him. He attracted again his heart and our beloved brother returned!
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    Thank you so much brother Eric! My husband and I are freelancers and he is disabled so he gets some money from the government. One brother has problems with his job because his coworker says she is afraid to work with him. But I don't know much because I don't see brothers very often. What makes me sad is that our opportunities to witness are very limited. And pioneering is getting harder. But it's still possible. I think the worst thing is that brother Dennis is in jail. We all must pray for him and his family.
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    This program was top shelf, seriously. Primarily for me, as a man who left Jehovah as a teenager and came back in my mid-20s, it was so realistic. My experience was like the brother in prison -- its never easy to come back, even though you know you need to come back. My mother tried to share what she could when I visited her, but I wasn't ready to come back. What triggered my return was the happiness I experienced as a teen. I was on the verge of baptism when I was 13. Recalling that happiness was a big factor in my return. I when I read/hear experiences like his, I know the Slave is definitely in touch with us. The encouragement was timely, the material, welcomed. Food at the proper time, for sure!
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    Paragraph 3 of this week's WT study asks us to cite a modern example of injustice in this world. I couldn't help but think of our brother Marcos Contreras who was released from gaol (in March of this year) after 20 years of being imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit. English News Article: http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-wrongful-conviction-20170328-story.html Spanish News Article: https://laopinion.com/2017/03/28/hombre-es-liberado-tras-pasar-20-anos-en-la-carcel/
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    Look who answered the door... ... and accepted a tract!
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    Please don't re-upload this video elsewhere. It's private. So, I was "on fire" (very excited) while creating this video. This is my first video about something, not only photo/video mix or something like that. Just want to share with you all Thanks @Qapla for perfect idea which I took!
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    Update at morning worship- ...at Assembly Hall Brother handling daily text shared some info about recent Zone visit (May 2017) 'Jesus is with us' - comment at zone visit for Russia - held in Estonia because of legal stuff- why does Jehovah allow these troubles and this ban ...? We are not sure but here is a statistic - in preceding 7 years in Russia 37,000 had become inactive- after the ruling - by approx May 7 ......13,000 were reactivated - comment by Mark Sanderson repping GB - the judge did what the elders couldn't accomplish-- .....my words....for example he made those inactive wake up and realize the time left is very short.....remember..... Jesus is with us, helping us
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    I recently reviewed this from the Organized book, chapter 17. It's good to remember... Tests that come because of wars, revolutions, or outright persecution and official bans may make it impossible for you to carry on Christian worship openly. You may not be able to meet as a congregation. Contact with the branch office may be cut off. Visits by circuit overseers may be interrupted. Publications may not arrive. If any of these things happen, what should you do?The answer is, do whatever you can and as much as you can under the circumstances. Personal study should be possible. Small groups can usually meet for study in private homes. Publications studied in the past and the Bible itself can be used as a basis for meetings. Do not worry or get excited. The Governing Body will generally be able to establish some form of communication with responsible brothers in a short time.Even if you do find yourself isolated from all your Christian brothers, keep in mind that you are not isolated from Jehovah and his Son, Jesus Christ. Your hope can remain firm. Jehovah can still hear your prayers, and he can strengthen you with his spirit. Look to him for guidance. Remember that you are a servant of Jehovah and a disciple of Jesus Christ. Therefore, make good use of opportunities to witness. Jehovah will bless your efforts, and others may soon join you in true worship.—Acts 4:13-31; 5:27-42; Phil. 1:27-30; 4:6, 7; 2 Tim. 4:16-18.
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    In Tulsa, OK , Irene Parker and Beverly Wright were both mauled by a Pit Bull. Story is on YouTube - http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KVftsx; (incomplete) I was talking with a brother whose Bichon Fried was recently attacked by a Pit Bull. He told me how the owner of the Pit stopped the attack. Something I have never known, and could save a life. Lift up one of the back legs. Either leg. This destabilizes the dog and a Pit will unlock its jaw. As we know, there is almost no outside force (such as baseball bat) that will make a Pit Bull release its grip. The jaw is a vice. When this brothers Bichon was attacked, his wife pounded her fist on the head of the Pit, breaking her pinky finger. Then the owner reached the scene and lifted a hind leg, and the Pit let go. I've never heard of this method before. I think it might be necessary / important to grab the dog by the ankle of a hind leg and not let go until help arrives. Once let go the dog will probably resume the attack. I realize this comes under the "Easier Said Than Done" header. But, it could save a life and major trauma. Of course, this goes for all breeds of dogs.
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    ...and we loved him...even though we never met him before
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    I am very proud in this Broadcasting because has a special report about the service work to immigrants in Greece. I saw so many familiar faces and one of the brothers is my best friend. I had the privilige to serve at the "front lines" of immigrants in Kos island, in Aegean Sea for four months. We learned news about some immigrants that started Bible study, in Gernany and other countries, because of the preaching work in islands.
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    Yes, such great news made me happy! I thought" the ban is a good thing. Because of it we have many interesting experiences throughout the country."
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    Brother Jackson gave an example of the new translation. In english you have the expression ‘to exercise faith’ - that’s because the word ‘faith’ is not a verb so you have to use a verb to express that word in an active way. For example: you cannot say I faith you – but: I have faith in you. But in Dutch we have the word for faith (geloof) but also the verb (geloven). Our old bible-translation was more of an english-dutch translation. Our translators back then used the exact translation for the english ‘exercise faith’ which is ‘geloof oefenen’ in stead of using the verb ‘geloven’. That makes it a little bit strange for outsiders to understand that expression. In Dutch the word ‘to exercise’ (oefenen) has the connotation of exercising as in a fitness-centre. So, when explaining the need of a more accurate translation, br. Jackson was on the stage making movements as if he was jogging – to show how you may have understand the expression ‘geloof oefenen’ (exercising faith) as if you physically have to exercise to have faith. The audience burst into laughter – especially when the interpreter made more gymnastic movements while translating. By the way, it was a blast to hear br. Jackson. He made so many jokes - we were almost constantly laughing. An unforgettable event it was. I’ll give you my own example: Rom. 10:10 : “For with the heart one exercises faith for righteousness, Old translation:” want met het hart oefent men geloof tot rechtvaardigheid New translation: “Want voor rechtvaardigheid moet je geloven met je hart Aahh….so much better and more beautiful…it comes right in our heart. Thank you Jehovah.
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    https://jw-russia.org/news/17061415-180.html Languishing in jail Dennis Christensen and his co-religionists have gained appreciation from the local authorities June 14, 2017 Photo collage: cleaning of the territory in the city of Eagle and Dennis Christensen The City of Eagle was awarded the local Jehovah's Witnesses for their active participation in cleaning the city from garbage. Believers have been nice to get appreciation from the city and a gift from the administration's signature: "In gratitude for a good deed - garbage collection for the benefit of people and nature." Signature on a gift from the city administration Jehovah's Witnesses, wherever they live, tend to benefit neighbors not only the spread of Bible knowledge, but also participation in various forms of socially useful activity. The same is citizenship and Dennis Christensen - one of the Oryol Jehovah's Witnesses, who were actively involved in cleaning. Standing foot in cold water Orlik River, it pulled out of a net river trash. All work was carried out free of charge. In view of this particularly ironic look that Christensen had almost three weeks languishing in the city jailon false charges of organizing an extremist community. Believers are in disbelief, because, according to city officials, this is the community benefit the city. Garbage collection was the last good thing Dennis that he had to do, while at liberty. It is noteworthy that the representative of the administration of the Eagle was sympathetic to Jehovah's Witnesses because of religious persecution in the country and wished them not to lose the power of the spirit.
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    Can't wait to "Watch as Angels storm on Earth during Armaggeddon"
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    This month's broadcast really touched my heart too! I teared up a bit during the brother's comments about Jehovah's love for us despite our circumstances. I really enjoyed the comment he made, "Jehovah sees in you all you WOULD do if all your limiting circumstances were removed". I have such love for our Governing Body and the brothers that lead Jehovah's organization. I can really feel the intense love that they have for us all and it deepens my confidence that the 144,000 will care for us perfectly in the New System.
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    Loved this month's broadcast - I feel like Jehovah has just given me a big hug. Every month I change who is my "favorite" presenter, as of this broadcast it is Brother Luccioni, his delivery was just perfect and really touched my heart. So proud of our organization, the wonderful French medical team, the brothers and sisters in Congo serving faithfully despit illness and poverty. The Netherlands and the pioneers in Greece... so proud of them all I will download it when I can and watch it all again. Arms not big enough to hug them all. LOVE THE POSTCARDS
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    There is no doubt in my mind that this award presented by Putin was maneurvered by Jehovah ( especially if it was done without Putin knowing they were Witnesses). Jehovah is setting the stage for what will happen on July 17th and perhaps making sure that whoever employs this father of 8 will think twice before firing him because of his religion being considered extremist. This DID NOT happen by chance, every part of me feels this came from above for reasons we may not understand yet.
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    Did I get it right? Has the president of Russia rewarded a family considered extremist, prohibited by law in Russia, for her example of taking good care of her children?
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    As Bro. Jackson said "expect the unexpected" ... JW in Russia have a ratio of 1 to 850 what are the odds of what just happened? !!! BUT even more amazing is: What are the odds that the Russian version of the Secret Service and FBI would allow people who are considered "dangerous extremist" on the same podium he is on and then have that very world leader "praise" these "extremist" for the very opposite reason that they are being accused of being extremist in the first place. Putin said they were "exemplary citizens" and said "may God be with you"!!! Why did the security services not pick up on who they were? Invisibility? Who do you think hid their eyes that they were extremist and banned and appearing before the President? Was this just a "coincidence"? A famous detective once said "There is no such thing as a coincidence". HMMM Has anyone heard the talk back in 2006 by a Bethel brother called "Coincidences" about Divine Intervention in the modern day history of Jehovah's Organization. Well I am thinking this one may well "take the cake"! The account in the book of Esther seems very apropos here. Where the tables are turned when Haman says God's People were "dangerous", but then he becomes the target. Well the Russian Orthodox Church are the ones who first called us "dangerous extremist" and in Haman's time once the "King" found out he was mislead well...Once Putin finds out he was mislead by the ROC that the "peaceful exemplary citizens" that are JW's have been accused wrongly by the Church well... Who knows, time will tell ! 7/17/17 will be a very interesting day indeed! Wouldn't it be interesting some day in the future that the Churches of Christendom accuses God's People of being "extremist" but then the tables are turned on them and poof... The Wild Beast turns on False Religion. TIME WILL TELL.
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    Dear Victoria, I am so sad to hear about what the brothers and sisters are facing there. Do you know any brothers and sisters personally who are now out of work? Are you and your husband still working? The situation there is really bad, especially about people thinking you are terrorists. It's similar to what one police officer said to a school child. The officer and a plain clothed man "talked to the girl about how her mother forces her to go to a 'terrorist organisation' in which 'they are robbed' and 'are taught to kill people'". It's just sickening how they even twist what the court decided; that Jehovah's Witnesses are not guilt of any violent crimes. Our hearts go out to you, dear Victoria, as you and your husband try to cope with indignities around you. I wish we could all give you a big hug to show you how much we care about you! Love from your brother in Canada, Eric
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    As I am new to this forum, I wish to express my deep appreciation to the Web Master and moderators for allowing me to join my brothers and sisters around the world. For the past month, I have been viewing many of the subjects and comments that have been posted. In all honesty, I am fascinated by many of the postings, comments and replies I have seen on this forum. My sister introduced me to JWTalk some time ago. So, I finally asked her as to how I can join. Of course, like many of you here, I am disturbed by the unjust persecution that our brothers and sisters are receiving in Russia. Jesus’ words at John 17:20 hold true to this situation. Yet, I am certain that our heavenly father Jehovah has all matters in his hands. I am looking forward to conversing with many of you.
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    My mother faced exactly the same situation when we were very little. My father wanted Christmas, and she had been newly baptized after returning to the truth. So she put her foot down and said that if HE wanted Christmas, she wasn't going to oppose him, but she couldn't participate. So he did everything from cooking to the tree to the presents ... (He was a very good cook) ... and after that day, he declared that he will never ever again celebrate Christmas as it was too much work! (He did go on to have an annual family party though for no reason at all, where we all got a lovely gift each and had lots of family there so that was okay with Mum and fun for us and he loved it).
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    It has been quiet here the last few months, but for the brothers in Dutch speaking territories it has been a great day today: Today we all received a copy of the New Word Translation, 2017 revision in DUTCH!!!!!!!!![emoji322][emoji322][emoji322][emoji322][emoji322][emoji322][emoji322][emoji322][emoji322][emoji322][emoji322][emoji322][emoji322] (It's allready added to the list online[emoji4]) Really, I don't have words to express my feeling about this great gift we received today![emoji173] Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G903F met Tapatalk
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    This is a writing I did for my cousin a faithful servant of Jehovah who has incurable cancer. He is old now and his youth has faded but not his faith in the new world. I dedicate this to Joe, my cousin and my spiritual brother! Rainy Days & Rainbows The touch of a gust of sea wind, whispers an easy phrase from long ago I remember the rain drops stroking my face; I saw a rainbow drape the sky My youth was my crest of strength; I climbed to grasp forever in my mind Many paths brought me to scary places; I encountered battles to triumph I wasn’t afraid of the storm, for it was only the rain and I loved the sound Gale forces of life swept all the old away and then the rainbow ascended The earth will be new again; my courage grows strong, my vision is bright I see Jehovah, he is my light as darkness overtakes the sun, it fades away Rainy days wash away the old memories and my rainbows are free to shine
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    Who's surprised? Of course we expect this to continually happen but it doesn't stop the hurt in my heart that over and over again innocent people are being hurt and killed because of satan's blinding hatred and anger. Don't you feel sorry for the ones innocelntly going about their daily, albeit misguided, lives, just to be terrorised in some form or another? Do you think Jehovah and Jesus are surprised? I doubt it. Don't you think they expect it? I think they do .. but I also think it touches their hearts and pains them that the day for the destruction of this system hasn't yet arrived and they have to continue letting this happen until it does.
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    Well out of 140 million people ... what are the odds that they picked a Jehovah's Witnesses family.. one might conclude that there was some angelic assistance.
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    I just got a response from President's Administration. I am glad somebody read at least one of my letters. They said noone can influence court decisions.
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    Just for the sake of comparison: This is what that shot looked like when I was there
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    My KH is not left uncared as I thought it was. But Jehovah cares for it. Look how beautiful it is.... was.. My home
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    For we know that all creation keeps on groaning together and being in pain together until now (Rom 8:22) Not surprise dear brother... but groaning
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    This CARNAGE will continue all the way to the end of Satan's system. He no longer cares if the people who are blinded by him get killed in the process, so he can keep going. He's out there kicking and screaming that his time of Abyssing is nearer then when his butt got Kicked out of heaven with a swift booth! I have never seen so much destruction of human lives. More people getting killed then both World Wars combined. And with this, majority of mankind doesn't get it, that there is a force greater then them causing it. I happen to listen to JW.Broadcasting morning worship talked entitled: William Malenfant: Morality in the Last Days (2 Tim. 3:13) From Jehovah's viewpoint, this brother explains why the majority don't believe and take any note of the times we are living in. I thought this was very good. Hope many of you have heard it. Even though it does not mention these sort of terrorist attacks or revenge, Jehovah makes a clear point about why the people are taking no heed. Soon, none of us will ever have to put faith and hope in the paradise. There won't be no need to put faith or hope like now. All of this carnage will be forever gone. It certainly hurts my heart to hear and then see on the news all of this mayhem, people suffering and etc. Truly only Jehovah's Kingdom by Jesus, can fix it! Please come soon Jehovah's Kingdom, we are ready for it even if the rest of the world is not!
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    A friend reported the Bethel service desk said that their were two witness families that both got out safely.
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    JWB June transcript JWB June 2017 transcript.pdf
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    That is so very sad to read, my dear sister. Only our Heavenly Father will rectify this, and we know he is seeing you and your fellow brothers and sisters in Russia keeping your integrity. I am very proud to say I am your sister and a fellow servant of Jehovah our loving God. Jer 51:36 from this week's Bible reading "Therefore this is what Jehovah says:“Here I am pleading your legal case, And I will execute vengeance for you".
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    Hi all just to say am safe its getting dangerous living the uk
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    Probably, these are music video previews for June and July. Any ideas?
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    A beautiful rosé gives glory to its Creator without speaking a word!
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    He will forward me more photos as soon as possible, because he is still traveling, on vacation.
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    ** this further news was messaged by a friend ** FORWARD from HLC: There were 3 JW families in the tower block fire. All got out safely. One pioneer sister said - she smelt smoke in the middle of the night, looked out, saw the flames, grabbed her mum and Go bags and were off. They are in a better state than most !
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    Just to let you all know I have written to the wife of our dear brother that was fatally stabbed, & included all your 'love & thoughts & prayers' as some of you requested......
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    Have been going through some really heavy trials lately. The last 2 days I've specifically asked Jehovah, in prayer, to please give me something encouraging for the day. Yesterday, my prayer was answered w/my son (a Ministerial Servant whom I'm so proud of!) calling me and lifting up my spirits with encouraging words and then TODAY!!! how so encouraged and bolstered up I feel! Jehovah truly does listen to our prayers!!!
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    16 minute video of the program. The Novik family arrives on stage at the 6.30 mark. http://www.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/54643/videos# Fascinating!
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    Oh how I love the Jonah Drama. I would love to see a whole movie about it. It look like excerpts from a movie
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    Lyrics to June's JWBroadcasting's Original Song:
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    Well, the original book actually had a part five, which skipped ahead to the end of the thousand years. But this was a fairly jarring change, and the book was already 500 pages, so I left it out. But it covered some of that. There is another book in the works, but there's been a lot of interest in a prequel, so the next book will cover Year 1, to Year 200. JSY covered Year 200 to Year 500... And if I'm honest, I may use the discarded part 5 as an outline for a third book, set at the end of the thousand years. My dad and I have spent hours debating tech in the new System. But it wasn't until i started writing it that I finally figured out what made the most sense, if for no other reason than we'll have millions of people who don't know the earth is round, alongside the original Apollo Astronauts. It just made sense that the whole spectrum of tech would be there too. For all the interest given to the T-Rex and Triceratops, Paleontologists insist that the huge animals were a small minority, and that most dinosaurs were about the size of a house cat; for exactly that reason. If they all come back, it's not like there will be billions of the huge ones. A very loaded topic. When I was writing the book, I wasn't sure if I should even mention it. But I know people who have suffered such tragedies too, so I had to offer something. According to the World Health Organization, there are 40-50 million abortions performed every year. In the USA, 22% of pregnancies are aborted; and that's not even counting miscarriages.* *(Source: http://www.worldometers.info/abortions/) Also, consider that Abortion was only legalized in the USA in the 60's, which means most of the people who have them are from the last two generations, and thus may well still be around when A-Day hits. That's 125,000 unborn kids a day with no parents left for them to meet if/when they come back. It was a topic I couldn't ignore, but also had no solution for. Having the unborn get the same Resurrection into loving adoptive homes was the best answer I could come up with. Not a solution that will satisfy everyone concerned, but it seemed the most compassionate route. Well, this is a topic that I will spend more time on in the next book, but the idea I had was that Paradise would be a return to the way things were always meant to be. Obviously, not all at once, and I kinda doubt we'd go back to the 'naked and unashamed, not knowing Good and Evil' state we were in before. (Side note, I vaguely remember an article, or a scripture that said the 'Knowledge of Good And Evil' would have been given to humans at some point in God's timetable if Adam and Eve had just been patient; but I can't find that reference. Does anyone have it?) In fact, if I'm honest, I don't know if we'd all go vegetarian, but the meat industry today is responsible for more climate damage and water usage than the entire automobile industry put together. if we all went vegetarian right now, Climate Change would be a thing of the past. So even if meat was allowed, it'd be a much smaller part of our diet. In fact, I've made the joke several times over the years that if we all had to go vegetarian, the human race would quickly find an alternative. The Faux-Meat in my story came in at the 500 year mark, but I'd be surprised if it took that long; come the real thing. There are only two reasons God gives us restrictions. That's for our safety, or our benefit. I wonder about some of the restrictions Brothers have now; and I wonder if some of them would be unnecessary in the New System, when we're all in perfect health; the same way Christians are allowed to eat un-Kosher meals or work on the Sabbath, when once upon a time, God forbade it. Many thanks for the kind words. If I can make the New World more real to anyone, it's a job well done.