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  1. Our Regional Convention tomorrow!!!! Can't wait to hear all the great talks.


    NOT looking forward to having to wake up at 5am! :) 

  2. Hiya Just wondering whether anyone on here has ever been to a convention at the Genting Arena, Birmingham UK? We've got ours next week and looking forward to it, but have never been to the Genting Arena and just after some general information of the place i.e. is it hot or cold inside? are the seats comfy? lol Also - I'm going to be an attendant in the Forum Live area - does this have TV screens for the sessions? Just wondering whether I'll miss any videos whilst on duty! Many thanks D
  3. Guessing i still need to get the files off the CD though?
  4. Hi guys I apologise if this topic has been brought up in the last 30 pages, but... Is there anyway of installing the Watchtower Library onto a device that doesnt have a CD drive? I seem to remember someone giving me a file on a USB stick that meant I could install it straight from the PC. Any help would be great, thanks D
  5. Would you believe it - I've just tried it again and the things worked!!!! Nothings changed - no updates have been done, it just worked! Weird - but at least its sorted now. Thank you all very much for your help! D
  6. yup, both updated to latest version
  7. Still not working for me - I'm restoring from a Sony phone to a Lenovo tablet, so there may be some issue with that then. Ah well! Thanks for you help
  8. Hi guys Just wondering whether anyone has tried creating a back up on JW Library on one device and tried restoring the back up to another device? I've tried transferring all my meeting notes etc, from my phone to open on my tablet, but when I try to restore it on the tablet it just comes up with an error message saying something is wrong with the file. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. Argh, so nervous about my Return Visit item tonight! :shutup:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Superdonk


      Thanks Vinnie, I more nervous about this than I am doing a Bible Talk - I think its fear of the unknown - I haven't done a Return Visit item before - not even an Initial call!


      Hopefully should be ok once I'm up there.


      Thanks again

    3. Good-O


      And, how did it go?  I am sure it was fine.

    4. Superdonk


      Went well thank you - it was on the Circuit Overseers visit so even more nervous! But settled down once I was up there!



  10. Got my first Return Visit item tonight! Really really nervous!! 

    1. Stormswift


      So ... how did it go? Please let us know.

    2. Superdonk


      Went great. I think it was fear of the unknown that scared me most. But once I was up there it went well, and my householder was great too! Jehovah definitely was with me up there. 

    3. Stormswift


      Knew it was fine, they say being nervous is a good thing, because you aren't relying on your own strength you have to rely on Jehovahs.


  11. Superdonk

    12 th over on 11 th.....

    Hey Dilip You were married 3 days before me and my wife! We celebrate 12 years on the 14th May. Congrats to you both. D
  12. I'm normally the first to check the validity of something like this!! Rookie mistake on my part. Thanks to the MODS for changing the title of the post too! Sorry guys!
  13. Didnt see that coming! http://fox-news24.com/trump-warns-russia-over-jehovahs-witnesses-ban-and-urges-members-to-seek-asylum-in-the-us/ Fake news! Sorry guys - was a bit trigger happy! [MODERATOR EDIT: Beware! fox-news24.com is a fake news site that tries to appear as related to Fox News although they are not linked.]

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