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When one door closes ... Jehovah opens another


The Disaster Warehouse in Jacksonville closed so I will not be working there anymore ... however, today I received a new invite :yes:


I am supposed to teach a maintenance training skill at a Hall next Saturday (Jan 19) - I am waiting for the material from LDC to know how I am supposed to do this :thumbsup: 

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On 12/22/2018 at 10:17 PM, Tortuga said:

The AH hosted an Appreciation Dinner for the AH workers and their families today, it started this afternoon with a tour and activities for the young ones.The invitation was unfortunately posted on social media and instead of 75-100 kids, the brothers were expecting around 500. Everyone had the same attitude Jesus did and said 'let them come'. My wife made over 500 cookies and we found out several sisters did the same. :eek: Everything got eaten and the kids had a great time.

The AH maintenance crew was treated to an update and several videos this morning. There were nearly 550 visitors and over 300 of them were children. A sister was taking pictures of some of the tours and children and made a video collage out of them. The AH overseer forwarded it to his overseer at the branch and he forwarded it to all of the US Assembly Halls. Who knows, maybe your local AH will have a Family Day soon...


The tour pictures included kids dressed in PPE, vests, gloves, hard hats. One of the LDC brothers had a paper cutout that would make a KH. Another brother showed his KH made of Legos. 

The sister that does the IT work had made a great whiteboard animation of what goes on in the A/V room. It looked as good as the whiteboard animations the branch does. I wish I could share it but I can't. I noticed she didn't mention that the wine is stored in the A/V room..:whistling:


It was a nice treat...

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The brothers have decided to replace all of the bathroom partition doors and hardware at the Assembly Hall. I was there all day today and I was asked to come back on Monday to work on them, It turns out the job is taking longer than they thought. We are replacing the doors and hardware in over 60 stalls. Some of the new doors appear to be a little smaller so we need to adjust the width of the opening.  Its amazing what you can learn working with LDC. I love it!

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