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    An answer when mild...

    This experience is from the wife of a recently reactivated brother.. He's now an Ms here; his wife, from a charismatic religious background, is currently studying and an unbaptised publisher. She's at work.. Conversation with a male co-worker, comes up about JWs. Vehemently blurts out. I hate them! She says bravely, that she's studying with them. Now I hate you! , he says. How can you say a moment ago you like me and now Hate me? What have Jehovahs witnesses ever done to you that makes you feel like that? He had no answer. After a pregnant pause... He just said.. OK, what's it all about then? She proceeded to tell him what she's learning. She defends the truth at any opportunity! I'm amazed at her. She's fearless!
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    Tomorrow June 1 we will celebrate being married 66 years. We have had a very busy, good life`. We have had our share of life's troubles but we always had Jehovah along with us.
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    Good News! jw-russia.org: Court of Appeal in Birobidzhan releases Alam Aliyev
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    JW Broadcasting for June 2018

    I made a pdf of the broadcast using the subtitles so I can read it on my iPad. Here's the pdf file for anyone who would like a copy: JW Broadcasting June 2018 .pdf
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    Well it happened

    When you turn 707 upside down, it says "LOL" - which sums up how I feel about anyone who claims we're a cult or has strange beliefs
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    just called Britain Bethel.....they said it is a worldwide problem and they working it out
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    Flog It!

    In the UK the BBC have a programme called Flog It! Nothing to do with flagellation nor dead horses, but in English the word "flog" can also mean "sell". The programme asks people to bring items they think may be antique and/valuable to be assessed with the thought that they may be selected to be sold at auction - or "flogged". The venues chosen are often stately homes etc and today it was Capesthorne Hall in Cheshire. In one of the rooms, the Dorothy Davenport room, was a four-poster bed, where Dorothy had embroidered a pelmet, a headboard cover and a throw, between 1610 and 1614. The headboard cover had an interesting depiction of Adam and Eve in the garden. Here is a screenshot.
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    JW Broadcasting for June 2018

    JWB June 2018 - 144th Gilead Graduation.pdf June 2018 Broadcast transcript. (in large font)
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    http://www.trurodaily.com/news/regional/jehovahs-witness-cannot-appeal-expulsion-to-a-judge-supreme-court-214505/#.WxAuxt9sIiA.facebook Good news. Had he simply accepted his wrongdoing, repented, and remained humble, it would have never went this far. On a positive note, the issue of us determining our membership is settled.
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    How often that is true. It's not until a person stares persecution and threats right in the face that he draws close to Jehovah so deeply to seek refuge. For that reason he may feel it's the first time he has ever really been a Christian. That being said: I am probably not a Christian... yet. I feel for you in your surroundings, Victoria. But your comment has made me wonder about my own precarious situation, hoping I will react the same way as you when I am faced with circumstances like that. You have no idea how much your example inspires me. Thank you.
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    http://spaceweather.com 😱
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    It's umbelievable! I got used to getting bad news. Such a great news surprised me. Why did they let him go? What next? BTW I saw the news in the Internet, I don't know any details.
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    The failed abortion survivor whose mum thought she was dead When Melissa Ohden was 14 she learned a shocking secret - her mother had tried to abort her. She was saved by a nurse who heard her crying as she lay among medical waste at a US hospital. This is the story of her survival, and of the mother who thought she was dead. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-44357373
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    Post a picture... Any picture

    Neighbor text me, said little bear was on his way over. He was eating some sunflower seeds I had out for the crows, digging them out of the grass. Then he sat on his rump, reached over with his front arm and scratched his bum!!! I had to fight from busting out laughing. The caution tape is so he can see my fencing and not run into it again! Bears have dented it several times.
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    More arrests! jw-russia.org: In the Magadan region, three believers were arrested On May 30, 2018, 31-year-old Konstantin Petrov, 41-year-old Yevgeny Zyablov and 65-year-old Sergey Erkin were arrested in Magadan on suspicion of professing the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses. Believers are in a temporary detention facility. 39-year-old believer arrested in Khabarovsk In the evening of May 30, 2018 in Khabarovsk was taken into custody 39-year-old Ivan Pujda. It is noteworthy that the decision to arrest Ivan Pujda was issued by the court in Magadan, where on the same day three believers were arrested. Update on brother Dmitry Mikhailov In the Ivanovo region arrested 40-year-old believer Earlier, on April 20, 2018 , he was recognized as suspected of involvement in the activities of an extremist organization - under travel restrictions. On May 29, 2018 - taken into custody - now suspected of "financing" extremist activities. In Tatarstan the fourth believer is taken into custody 24-year-old Aydar Yulmetyev was arrested on May 29, 2018 in Naberezhnye Chelny, who is suspected of professing the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses. (see post 4558) His arrest was preceded by mass searches in the homes of local citizens, as well as the arrest of 37-year-old Ilham Karimov, 30-year-old Vladimir Myakushin and 29-year-old Konstantin Matrashov. It is known that one of them, Vladimir Myakushin, was given a preventive measure in the form of detention for a period of 57 days, until July 25, 2018.
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    http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-05-28/real-life-spider-man-saves-boy-dangling-from-paris-balcony/9806552 Jehovah will reward our courage, too.
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    “We become what we think about”. I just came across this quote. It was referring to becoming successful entrepreneurs. But, I love it for us! True, we can’t actively serve Jehovah as much as we’d like, but where is our mind and heart during those, “down” times? And, we have so many wonderful things to think about. And give thanks to Jehovah for. I woke up this morning!
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    JW Broadcasting for June 2018

    Okay, here's the MP3 files of the June 2018 Broadcast. Had to split it into three seperate files. Always a trade off between file size and sound quality. Tried to keep the quality reasonable for listening to the talks but reduced the sound to mono (okay for voice).JWB - June 2018 - 1.mp3 Here's number One:
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    If you say 'gullible' very slowly it sounds like 'oranges'.
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    They are poking a stick in Jehovah's eye. He will act soon or make the nations act.
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    Witness memes

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    It seems to me the main thing he was worried about was losing money. He was a realtor and most of his clients were witnesses. Hmm... he may need to start advertising to the rest if the world as he is now part of it.
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    Post a picture... Any picture

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    Post a picture... Any picture

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    Even from the world’s point of view, Jehovah’s name is on center stage
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