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    • BibleSteve  »  marcusth

      Sent you a link
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    • Luezette

      Tomorrow maybe I'll sit in the park next to my bulding, for at least an hour, depending on how I feel. And I'm drinking the herb Mullein tea at least 3x daily with fresh lemon, and now drinking apple cider vinegar (Bragg), for the bronchitis to rid the phlegm, and water. Did y'all hear a train rumbling by? No worries. It was just me coughing. Lol.
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    • kejedo

      3 placements at the Dentist's office.  1 RV - 'Return To Jehovah' to a staff member. She really liked it. Ran into a former student who now has a toddler- Hello!  Caleb and Sofia! New Dentist du jour has a cousin who goes to a Kingdom Hall in Fort Lauderdale and is a Math Teacher.  The Dentist Assistant asked what we were talking about and now knows where our local Kingdom Hall is located.  All this and a painless filling. Now waiting for a Sister to come up and do some sewing.  Jehovah really does make our day, everyday.  We just need to count our blessings!
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    • kejedo

      My area is suffering from forest fires, despite the rain, so I decided that no one would be out in the downpour to return bottles, Voila, an opportunity for me. I was running out in the rain when a young lady asked me if I was going to the nearest grocery store, and I offered her a ride.  Shamefacedly caught without a piece of literature, I directly asked her. "What church do you go to?" She informed me that last Sunday she was in the same place as I, and remembered my comment.  Turns out,she is studying with another dear sister and has been to our Kingdom Hall three times. I drove her to the grocery store, (returned my bottles), then drove her to pick up her son from day care and drove them both home. Had wonderful discussions about the white board demos and talked about the midweek meeting. She has been to the Memorial and two Sunday meetings, She said she is now getting interested in the mid week meeting snd would like to attend.
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    • Old

      7:56 time to shut down and head for the Kingdom Hall.
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