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Phelicity Sneesby ( girl in Feb broadcast) going home

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Thank you for this very touching up-date,  this young sister is a brave example indeed. And her family, so devoted.

I noticed, a link to:   https://www.gofundme.com/phelicitysneesby 

I am a bit wary of using this method of donating, but if someone has used this without giving personal details, I would appreciate knowing.

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6 hours ago, AH173 said:

Even though the article is dated January 31st, thanks for the update. I'm sure the family is looking forward to having her back in Australia soon.  Love, faith and encouragement awaits her.  Very courageous and faithful family. :)


And the online fundraising site is dated January 26th. That means it was set up less than a week before the February program came online. So the brothers did not know when they produced the video that it would have this outcome. They also did not know how much of an encouragement it would have been to Phelicity and her family at the time they need it the most.

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I was just wondering about any news on Phelicity...


This was posted on the gofundme site 2 days ago (I'm writing early Thursday morning - my time), so maybe Tuesday sometime:

"We are so thankful for the continued love and support from all over the world! Phelicity suffered a setback that delayed things for a couple days, but arrangements are still being made to get her home. We are encouraged by all the kind comments and appreciate them so much. "


Someone expressed concern about donating via the gofundme site (privacy issues, etc). I can't vouch for the site - tho I've known many who've successfully used them both ways (as a donor and as someone in need) and never heard of any negative issues arising from it.

But another possible avenue to assist the family is via the hospital: Nationwide Children's Hospital. Most likely in "The Heart Center"

Their website is simple: nationwidechildrens.org

Their snail mail is: 700 Children's Drive, Columbus, Ohio, 43205

Their main phone line is: 614.722.2000

Most hospitals will collect mail that comes after a patient leaves and bundle it into weekly mail-outs to the patient's home address - so if you mailed something there it would eventually get to them, even if it arrives after they leave.


At this point, I'm praying hard that she gets strong enough to make that 30-hour flight back to Australia and can spend her last moments with all her family around her. :pray:

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From Bible Speaks on Facebook: (1 hour ago)



She will be remembered!
She loved Jehovah God.

Note last minute: I've just been informed of the death of the little sister, Phelicity Sneesby, our little sister Australian 13 years returns home with almost no hope of living. She is on tv.jw.home this month.
(It was filmed three months ago)

" she knows that she's probably coming home to die in Australia '
It's close to realize his dream to go back home to Australia from a hospital in the United States, following a spate of financial support and an offer of help from Qantas (Airline)

The girl has a congenital heart defect. During the last two months, phelicity has been in intensive care in a hospital in Ohio, after her parents took her to the United States. For a rescue operation of emergency.
The treatment has not been successful.



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I heard a similar story earlier today that Phelicity Sneesby had passed away. But I could not find any verification on it. I am still looking, using Google, Bing, Alta Vista (etc) searches, and I come up with only one report of it. It's on an affiliate of jw-archive.org (which we don't like too much here). In fact, it doesn't even give a news source. Even there, the Librarian says "Her uncle just informed another member that she is still alive. (Conflicting reports coming in)."


Maybe we should keep this quiet until there's some verification.



EDIT: The fundraising site has a post on it, dated two hours ago, that says:



Phelicity is very much STILL ALIVE. Arrangements are still taking place to get her home hopefully very soon. Please know if and when she does pass, her parents would make the announcement in the appropriate way. Thank you all for your continued love and support!


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On February 8, 2016 at 0:22 PM, Chris7 said:

Thank you for this very touching up-date,  this young sister is a brave example indeed. And her family, so devoted.

I noticed, a link to:   https://www.gofundme.com/phelicitysneesby 

I am a bit wary of using this method of donating, but if someone has used this without giving personal details, I would appreciate knowing.

Gofundme seems to have a very good reputation for processing donations..  From what I could find out ...  5 star .. Only one complaint in 3 years to BBB ..no set up costs . I am sure you could find someone who is not happy with the results or no results of their campaign.. But it seems like a legit company.


I always like to check if the intended donee is aware of the campaign .. There are lots of scams out there that try to piggyback on some disaster...  I checked Ben Sneesbys work place Facebook account and the fund is mentioned..

Which is good ... And we know they are JW's 



As in everything there is a cost ..They take an initial 5 percent right off the top .. Plus another 2.9 percent on withdrawal of funds.  So basically the intended person gets 92% ..

I notice that when making donations it is by means of a credit card so gofundme  has to pay the credit card company a processing fee for every transaction.. Just as every store has to pay a percentage for people to use a credit card in their store ...  And credit card companies have to cover any complaints ..and costs.


This is not an endorsement or critique of the donation program.. Make your own mind up.

i just wanted to share what I found out in researching the question of wariness of the method.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Well another pause button has been pressed for a faithful servant... 

When she gets the call to be resurrected ... No more heart problems or tubes coming from every part of the body . 

Free to be a young girl but with a whole lot of wisdom and appreciation for life ..

Can't wait .. Let your will be done .

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