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    Yes, it was scary... I live far away from the place, but my uncle is living there, the shoreline is exactly in front of his house... He is in Malaysia for doing medical check up now, so out of the earthquake and tsunami, but not the house... From what I heard, his house was destroyed badly and his children are evacuating to higher place... We still cannot contact my cousins due to the crash of communication... I hope and pray they are in safe condition...
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    Post a picture... Any picture

    Look at the detail of the toes in the water. What a great piece of sculpture! Giovanni Battista Lombardi 1864
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    Post a picture... Any picture

    I was tempted to rent this "baby" LOL
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    48 died in the Tsunami. According to Australian news outlet. http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-09-29/tsunami-in-indonesias-sulawesi-island-multiple-deaths/10320696
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    Oh Ivy, so sorry your family is affected. Will keep them all in my prayers. 💕 Poor people over there, always having it hard with natural disasters.
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    Love these sister's smiles and energies!
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    JW.ORG: 900 languages

    978 languages. That's 22 to go till a 1000. Only this service year there were 18 languages added, and it's not even 1 month young[emoji28] Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G903F met Tapatalk
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    Beggar for the Spirit

    FREE Kindle eBooks!

    Here are a few good deals I thought I would share for those who enjoy these 2 series. These deals may end today, so even if you don't have time to read due to your busy schedule nowdays, you can download these for FREE now and then have them available in your tablet/phone for a cozy winter day. SHERLOCK HOLMES: Amazon offers The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection as a FREE Kindle eBook. For comparison, the hardcover version sells for around $25 at Amazon. This collection includes four full-length novels and 56 short stories, making it an easy way to load up your Kindle library. JANE AUSTEN NOVELS Jane Austen Complete Novel Series Kindle eBook for FREE. Regularly up to $18 as a hardcover or $7 on paperback, this is an easy way to load up your Kindle library. It includes all of Jane Austen’s most popular writings, such as “Sense and Sensibility”, “Persuasion”, “Pride and Prejudice”, “Emma” and “Mansfield Park”
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    My ancestry DNA results!

    I'd love to do mine... and particularly my son's. I don't know a lot about his father's background beyond Black, American Indian and Filipino. I don't know much about my dad's ancestry, either.. but I've got my mom's tracked (not thru DNA) all the way past the 1600s in Devon. There is also mostly Irish and a bit of Welsh - and random other European mixes (German, French, Spanish). 'twould be fun!
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    Some additional good points from the article: Read Hebrews 13:7. The word rendered “remember” can also be translated “mention.” Therefore, one way you can “remember those who are taking the lead” is by mentioning the Governing Body in your prayers. (Eph. 6:18) Reflect on their responsibility to supply spiritual food, to oversee the global preaching work, and to manage donated funds. Surely they need our persistent petitions in their behalf!
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    Post a picture... Any picture

    I kept forgetting to get the camera out. This is today's Moon 6:30 A.M. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOJFIX-G2CU
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    The coolest hairstyle ever

    Good question. There's plenty to look at besides his hair... 😍💕
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    My iPad air battery drains overnight while on standby, very annoying.
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    Wow!!! What a powerful zoom you got!!! That is amazing!!! Thanks for sharing.
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    Many years ago I personally a Witness family where the mom was born in a different country. The father and children were born in the U.S. The mom was perfectly content not being a U.S. citizen. U.S. citizenship didn't offer her anything beneficial. I was born in the U.S. but at this time, I am a legal resident of another country. If the politics here change, and I am required to become a citizen, I will be content to leave if becoming a citizen would require pledging to a flag, or taking some other type oath, etc.
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    Just bought a copy for my family. It has a really good message in it about conscientious objection!
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    Naked Jehovah's Witnesses Kidnap

    Yes we had a long discussion on this roughly a year ago, much of the news report was blown completely out of proportion...
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    Naked Jehovah's Witnesses Kidnap

    Sorry, I can't stop laughing... it's horrible ! Do you have source on the tea ? ^^ I want to share this story.
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    We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.
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    w95 2/1 p. 31 QFR: "The Bible indicates that the ancient Philistines migrated from Caphtor to the southwestern coast of Canaan. (Jeremiah 47:4) Where was Caphtor? The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1979) notes: “Although the evidence does not permit a definitive solution, current scholarship points to the island of Crete (or perhaps Crete plus the Aegean Isles, which culturally belong together) as by far the most probable site.”—Volume 1, page 610 "In line with this, the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures reads at Amos 9:7: “‘Are you not like the sons of the Cushites to me, O sons of Israel?’ is the utterance of Jehovah. ‘Did I not bring Israel itself up out of the land of Egypt, and the Philistines out of Crete, and Syria out of Kir?’” "It is not known when this ancient sea people migrated from Crete to the section of Canaan that came to be called Philistia, the southwestern coastline between Joppa and Gaza. They seem to have already been in this region of low coastal plains in the days of Abraham and Isaac."—Genesis 20:1, 2; 21:32-34; 26:1-18.
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    The most dangerous game to play: Closing your eyes momentarily in the morning after shutting off your alarm ... LOL
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    I'm not really sure how backing in will keep anyone from stealing gas from my truck the gas tank access is halfway down the driver side of the truck and can be reached just as easy if I pull in or back in
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    "No one will be fully pleased" with their peace plan. If this ends up being the P&S declaration that we are waiting for, I wholeheartedly disagree. I will promptly throw a party. 🤣
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    Your Favorite Illustrations!

    I once heard a wonderful CO give this encouraging illustration to the youth: Being in the truth as a young person is like flying a kite, and you feel like the kite can just keep flying up if it weren't for the string holding it down, so you cut the string. But as soon as you cut it, the kite falls down. The very thing you thought was holding it down, was what was keeping it up. And that's like the truth - as soon as you cut it out of your life, thinking you will take off, is when you fall down. Another illustration he gave was about how the leaves on the trees are most beautiful in the autumn, just as they are about to die. And that's what this system is like, it's more attractive the closer it gets to ending.
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