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    Yes, it was scary... I live far away from the place, but my uncle is living there, the shoreline is exactly in front of his house... He is in Malaysia for doing medical check up now, so out of the earthquake and tsunami, but not the house... From what I heard, his house was destroyed badly and his children are evacuating to higher place... We still cannot contact my cousins due to the crash of communication... I hope and pray they are in safe condition...
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    Post a picture... Any picture

    Look at the detail of the toes in the water. What a great piece of sculpture! Giovanni Battista Lombardi 1864
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    Oh Ivy, so sorry your family is affected. Will keep them all in my prayers. 💕 Poor people over there, always having it hard with natural disasters.
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    JW.ORG: 994 languages

    978 languages. That's 22 to go till a 1000. Only this service year there were 18 languages added, and it's not even 1 month young[emoji28] Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G903F met Tapatalk
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    Beggar for the Spirit

    FREE Kindle eBooks!

    Here are a few good deals I thought I would share for those who enjoy these 2 series. These deals may end today, so even if you don't have time to read due to your busy schedule nowdays, you can download these for FREE now and then have them available in your tablet/phone for a cozy winter day. SHERLOCK HOLMES: Amazon offers The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection as a FREE Kindle eBook. For comparison, the hardcover version sells for around $25 at Amazon. This collection includes four full-length novels and 56 short stories, making it an easy way to load up your Kindle library. JANE AUSTEN NOVELS Jane Austen Complete Novel Series Kindle eBook for FREE. Regularly up to $18 as a hardcover or $7 on paperback, this is an easy way to load up your Kindle library. It includes all of Jane Austen’s most popular writings, such as “Sense and Sensibility”, “Persuasion”, “Pride and Prejudice”, “Emma” and “Mansfield Park”
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    My ancestry DNA results!

    I'd love to do mine... and particularly my son's. I don't know a lot about his father's background beyond Black, American Indian and Filipino. I don't know much about my dad's ancestry, either.. but I've got my mom's tracked (not thru DNA) all the way past the 1600s in Devon. There is also mostly Irish and a bit of Welsh - and random other European mixes (German, French, Spanish). 'twould be fun!
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    Some additional good points from the article: Read Hebrews 13:7. The word rendered “remember” can also be translated “mention.” Therefore, one way you can “remember those who are taking the lead” is by mentioning the Governing Body in your prayers. (Eph. 6:18) Reflect on their responsibility to supply spiritual food, to oversee the global preaching work, and to manage donated funds. Surely they need our persistent petitions in their behalf!
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    Post a picture... Any picture

    I kept forgetting to get the camera out. This is today's Moon 6:30 A.M. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOJFIX-G2CU
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    The coolest hairstyle ever

    Good question. There's plenty to look at besides his hair... 😍💕
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    This is bizarre. I don't know all the ends and outs of it but it shows the demons are active. They had extraordinary strength. Interesting . People are always ready to think we are odd anyways. https://www.yahoo.com/news/naked-jehovah-witnesses-apos-kidnapped-142444718.html?soc_src=newsroom&soc_trk=com.apple.UIKit.activity.Message&.tsrc=newsroom
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    What if there were no more turtles?

    "One lovely thing about turtles is that they never look busy" Quoted the first sentence...
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    Went to the zoo last week. One tortoise had rolled on it's side and couldn't get back up again. Another tortoise came to the rescue. (I had to leave, cause I knew the "rescue" might take a long time )
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    First I decided to put this here dued to not being sure where else to put it. OK here we go.... I'm in school. I did it because I felt I had to because I'm one of those "Lifelong learners" who absolutely must be in a classroom. It's not to get a degree. Actually though I can't. Why? Because it's a program that CUNY (The City University of New York) has that allows persons 60+ to attend for, are y'all ready for this? Only $80 a semester! The other thing is you are allowed to take only 2 classes per semester. There are no grades given. So I registered for just one class, an English class with the concentration in law. I'm still not sure if I'll take 2 classes next semester or even if I'll go next semester. I already have training in Paralegal at another college years ago, but somehow I've felt that I was missing something. So now I'm sitting in class and I'm noticing something that I suspected long ago: The training at my old college is nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING in comparison to what I'm getting now. I'm not kidding! I really feel I'm learning. And this is just one class. So I pack my things (meaning my service equipment), hop on the train, fight the people, lol, get "educated," leave, go in service, go home, do my Bible reading, try to throw something in my mouth in between, try to relax, do my reading based on what the professor have us do and die in bed, lol. Oh and yeah I take my broom and try to at least pretend I'm sweeping, lol. But it's good. It really is. Plus it's helping me to really be organized...finally, lol.
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    Saturday, September 29 Be obedient to those who are taking the lead among you and be submissive.—Heb. 13:17. The faithful slave has exercised outstanding faith by zealously promoting and spreading the Kingdom good news. Are you one of the other sheep who supports the anointed in this vital work? How happy you will feel when your Leader, Jesus, says: “To the extent that you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.” (Matt. 25:34-40) When Jesus returned to heaven, he did not abandon his followers. (Matt. 28:20) He knew firsthand how much the holy spirit, the angels, and God’s Word helped him to take the lead when he was on earth. Therefore, he has supplied the faithful slave today with the same assistance. As anointed Christians, the members of that slave “keep following the Lamb no matter where he goes.” (Rev. 14:4) As we follow their direction, therefore, we follow our Leader, Jesus. Soon, he will lead us to everlasting life. (Rev. 7:14-17) And no human leader can promise that! w17.02 4:17-19
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    My ancestry DNA results!

    Finally got my results in, would have posted sooner, but had website issues on my end. I have a 73% rate of English, Welsh and Northwestern Europe (mainly focused in England West midlands and Wales), 26% Celtic (mainly Irish), and then this I never expected, 1% Filipino. Though I hear 1% may as well be 0%, and it can simply mean I share a gentic trait with them, but not that it may directly indicate ancestry, and that only results that are at least 15% should be considered seriously for such. Most makes sense to me knowing my family tree. English parents, I have an Irish great grand mother on one side and a Welsh great grand father on the other. I have some French ancestry going much further back too. I was actually expecting some Indian percentages knowing my great grandmother was raised there combined with what people have said about my skin tone, certain features in my apperance and those other relatives of my father's side who have a much darker skin tone, for years people have always said we don't quite look fully English most guesses have been Indian, Italian and Greek), even my own family members on my dad's side were surprised at this result, but there you go. Would simply seem my great grand mother was fully English but was raised in India. Still odd with the darker skin tone in that side of family though and the majority of people's observations. Results may be subject to slight change when more research is completed, but for now that's that!
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    Powerful Tsunami Sweeps Away Houses in Indonesia After Earthquakes Shake Island http://time.com/5409703/tsunami-hits-indonesia-after-earthquake/
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    What news are you sick of hearing?

    Long ago and far away, I was installing metal wall systems in the first residential building, there was a sister in charge of plumbing on my floor. I marveled at the way she handled brothers in both direction and correction. "Good job brother but it has been decided all stub-outs need to be the same height. While you take this part I will get you the drawing." This was his first day, and he had jumped ahead a little, he was a CO, using his vacation time.
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    Naked Jehovah's Witnesses Kidnap

    The article seems to fail to mention the tea they were gifted...
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    Thank so much to all my spiritual brothers and sisters here. I love research,so I appreciate this group immediately cause I able to benefit from the different viewpoint and also enhanced my thought 💭 on what I already understand from my personal research. Also I recieve topics or questions that also send me to do more digging for spiritual food. I feel like I’m at spiritual table with all here. Just enjoying this wholesome food together with Jehovah blessing.
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    I don't do Facebook. But Michael Janitch/Dutchsinse has mentioned in past videos that he used to be in a heavy metal band. He has never mentioned in his earthquake forecasts HOW he came to believe in God, he has just hinted that he now believes in a Creator and the Bible's account of creation. He has other non-earthquake videos that may explain why and what he believes, but I have never viewed any of them. I think his mailing address is listed at the bottom of his official website, if someone wants to send him some tracts or something.
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    JW.ORG: 994 languages

    If you insist, then it better be theocratic chocolate....with 1000 varieties.♥️
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    Ancestory Dot Com

    The previus thread on this has been closed, I expect many more have received interesting devlopements in their ancestrial lineage. Hear is what I received from my daughters today. Leslie received a hit from Ancestory.com from a cousin of one Ruby Dell Brown. This came up from DNA comparison on Ancestory.com. Ruby Dell Brown was my lost and almost forgotten mother. She passed away in 2005 and of all places in Everette Washington a few blocks from where my other daughter Jerri Lauson lived. Jerri says she even worked that territory. My father would never discuss his first marriage, even forgetting that his wife Maryjean was not my birth mother. In our family it was pretty much that we did not speak until spoken to, and never ask a personal question. My Grandmother was a little more charitable on that topic, even telling me I had been in Ruby's presence on more than one occasion in Eureka. I had been adopted as an infant by my Aunt Mabel, the one with the glasses. Upon the breakup of her family my real father asked for my return and he and his wife, now both JWs adopted me back. You may discern from the wedding photo that my mother is presenting a very large tummy. This marriage and photo were on October 14, 1938. I was born on October 27, 1938. I was in reality very premature and spent weeks in an incubator and then in special care for a couple of months. My mother did not wait around and I was abandoned as soon as she got out of the County Hospital. At that time my father could care less and was somewhere near Petrolia in Northern CA living a wild life. Th I don't really know if I would have contacted Ruby when I was a teenager, I was fearful of family repercussions were I to do so. Finding an identical match in our DNA has my girls all excited. They have emailed my cousin, much removed, and are waiting for an answer. From right to left: Barny Lytle, Ruby Brown Lytle (age 16), my aunt Lenore, Mabel Conley (at the time), and two of Mabel's friends whom I know but have forgotten the names. (It's coming back slowly, the one holding Mabel's arm was named Spray _ _ _, very slowly.) The wedding was in Curry County Oregon, California required a three day waiting period at that time, and likely parental consent. That is my Ancestory.com story, what is yours?
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    Congregation app?

    so true...
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    Stephen C Myer Books and ID org

    I found a great quote in a book about the evolution of the long-necked giraffe by W-E Lönnig: The quote is by A. Lunn "Faith is the substance of fossils hoped for, the evidence of links unseen."
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