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    http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-05-28/real-life-spider-man-saves-boy-dangling-from-paris-balcony/9806552 Jehovah will reward our courage, too.
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    JW.ORG: 993 languages

    951 Wapishana Spoken in Guyana and Brazil. 13,000 speakers Content: Video --> Why Study the Bible?
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    Post a picture... Any picture

    Sisters can't BBQ very well. You Definitely Don't want my wife BBQin' 🤢🙁 Burnt offering and bloody sacrifice in same piece.
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    I saw this man on the news this morning, it is astounding. You notice he doesn't look back, and rescues the baby even before his own feet are securely on the ground. His is determined and completely selfless about it, definitely a hero!
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    He's going to make a fantastic firefighter.😀
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    http://www.newsweek.com/2018/06/01/jehovahs-witnesses-939860.html I apologize for the ads but the content was just too compelling milele
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    I loved this story! What a truly "good news" happy ending story for once.
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    Post a picture... Any picture

    Thems is fightn' words... 🤣🤣🤣 Older {still waiting for the 'Wiser'}
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    It is because you connect to different servers, and it takes a little while for the updated file(s) to be copied to all servers.
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    "All Things New" - book (SPOILERS)

    Finished first book. Nice read. Brother Jonathan has a good imagination. I like how we just get bits and pieces of the narrator Mitch Hanson’s story until the end. Two things I wondered about. Somehow I thought with all the work the brothers are doing on JW.org and broadcast that Jehovah would not destroy that means of communication at least until something better ha. My opinion. And we don’t know what our diet will be but Mac and cheese? 🤔
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    I will send you personal message when Babylon The Great falls... just to keep you current LOL
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    The opposers though come from a completely different perspective again. John 8:44 - There is no truth in them ... they are looking for the mistakes to magnify them, twist them and mislead with them, while NOT giving any hope based on scriptural truth in return. It doesn't matter that 'we' - which includes both the individuals and the organization have put safeguards in place, not just presently, but quite in depth safeguards for a long time. If there was not those slip ups either in procedure or as individuals acting on their own from within the organization, the opposers would have made something up ... we should not be worried about what they think, but rather worried about protecting the innocent at all costs and pleasing Jehovah. Sometimes we all me included give these opposers too much ammunition by way of trying to disprove them ... let them be I reckon and embrace positive changes and tweaks so we can cotinue to follow our God in the purest way we can.
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    Newsweek Cover

    I saw this quote on Instagram and couldn't help but smile: David replied to the Phi·lisʹtine : “You are coming against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I am coming against you in the name of Jehovah of armies, the God of the battle line of Israel, whom you have taunted. This very day Jehovah will surrender you into my hand, and I will strike you down and cut off your head; and on this day I will give the corpses of the camp of the Phi·lisʹtines to the birds of the heavens and to the wild beasts of the earth; and people of all the earth will know that there is a God in Israel. And all those gathered here will know that it is not with the sword or the spear that Jehovah saves, for the battle belongs to Jehovah, and he will give all of you into our hand.” -- 1 Sam. 17:45-47.
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    Newsweek Cover

    Well, everyone already knows my opinion on this....
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    Newsweek Cover

    Incredible. Wow ! Will they speak about destroying religion already? We really are in the end. Can't wait to meet you all on the other side guys
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    What's the Weather like where you live?

    67F Saturday 51F night, 79 F today 56 later tonight. Hemet, CA
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    Our experiences Glamping or not

    This is where we stayed. An old tired RV camp - probably smaller than originally. Run by old couple in their 80's. Cheaper if you have Good Sam's Club, AAA or AARP membership. If you remember to mention where you are staying - get 10% of certain venues. Original sarsaparilla is about $3 plus per bottle. Tastes good, like a good root beer.
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    Anna, thank you for your post where you explain there was a misunderstanding. I'd like to address one detail from this previous posts of yours. I don't think we are disagreeing, it's just a clarification: Yes, it's true that mistakes have been made, that some victims were told not to go to the authorities, and that more implication in some cases could have prevented further victims. All of this is regrettably true. But all these rather rare mistakes were made by disobedient individuals, not by the organization nor by Jehovah's people. Since Jehovah's organization exist on earth in modern times, it has never been our policy to minimize rape or abuse, to tell the victims to keep silent or to let pedophiles unleashed in the congregation. Never. When those things happened, it was because elders ignored the instructions from the branch and followed their own opinion. If they had listened to the branch, none of those mistakes would have happened. Have our proceedings to handle child abuse accusations improved? Absolutely! We have learned a lot from experience and from the research of experts, and now we are in a better position than ever to help the victims. But this doesn't mean that we had inappropriate practices or policies. JWs have always cared for their children and have tried to protect them from every danger. I'm sure you agree with this point.
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    “We become what we think about”. I just came across this quote. It was referring to becoming successful entrepreneurs. But, I love it for us! True, we can’t actively serve Jehovah as much as we’d like, but where is our mind and heart during those, “down” times? And, we have so many wonderful things to think about. And give thanks to Jehovah for. I woke up this morning!
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    Newsweek Cover

    Can we stay on topic regarding the Newsweek cover and Russian situation...please!
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    Miss Bea

    Gay pride...

    Somehow, I knew it wasn’t going to be a thread about happy about being happy! Sigh.
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    What a wonderful prospect to be a part of Jehovah's organization?! Thank you Jehovah!!
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    Indeed. The major criticism against the Society has been that... 1. victims (or their parents) are discouaged from going to the police. 2. JWs create a "hothouse" for abusers (presumably by feeding igorance, and silence, creating situations were children are unsupervised contact with other members) 3. the brothers do not take appropriate action or inform the members of the congregation of the presence of an abuser. 4. victims are forced to confront their abusers. 5. sisters cannot be present in any part of the process. 6. reporting accusations to the society is encouraged in order for the society to "cover things up" 7. elders are not allowed to report accusations 8. religious trials negate a criminal investigation Our organisation stands heads and shoulders above others on this matter, and as frustrating as it is to hear accusations that imply the opposite at least it means our standards get higher and higher.
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