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    Very happy to say that the year 2019 marks for us 100 years out of darkness from Babylon the Great! Additionally, it marks the 105th year of Christ's rule in heaven (1914 A.D.), 2,021st year since Jesus was born on earth (2 B.C.E.), 4,391st year since the deluge (2370 B.C.E.), and 6,044th year since mankind's creation (4026 B.C.E.). More recently it's the 6th year since we first received the revised NWT (2013 A.D.), and the 5th year since the beginning of JW Broadcasting (2014 A.D.).
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    California Fires

    I just want to share a few things i have heard recently about the Disaster Relief in Paradise California. Two elders from our congregation have been asked to help the brothers and sisters in Paradise even though we are over 100 miles away, I don't if any other brothers in this area were asked to help. One brother is working with the Safety department. He said that bags of safety equipment (PPE) were provided for each of the friends, each bag had disposable coveralls (Tyvek), masks and gloves. He was assigned to ensure the friends knew how to use the PPE before they went to their property to sift through the ashes. There are also brothers assigned to ensure the property was safe to enter. He told me that in some areas the fire was so hot that it not only burned the trees but it also consumed the tree root ball, which left a cavity in the ground, some residents have apparently fallen into the holes so the brother search the friends property for weak areas in the ground and mark them with flags. He also told me that brothers and sisters are set up to assist the friends with housing, transportation, insurance, everything they need. Friends that are experienced in those areas are on hand to help. He said that sometimes a small group of friends may show up to get help and there are 40-50 experienced friends waiting to help them. Just the opposite of what the other fire victims are finding in the shelters... The other brother from our hall is there to spiritually encourage the friends. I heard from someone else that the brothers are assigned a group of families and their assignment is to ensure they get everything they need, everything. There was one older sister that they had a hard time locating, they finally found her living with relatives several hours away. The direction from the branch was to ensure the brothers did not add to the friends burden, so the brothers had to drive all the way in the opposite direction to meet her just to make sure she was being cared for...🧡 I heard last night there is a new arrangement for donating goods, clothing or services to the fire victims. There is a website set up where all of the goods or services that are being donated or loaned will be listed along with the donaters contact information. If the fire victim sees something on the site they need, they contact the donator and make arrangements to get it. This prevents large warehouses of unused donated goods from going to waste. It sounds like only one brother in each congregation will be entering the information on the site... LDC and Disaster Relief really have this well organized...
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    I am chairman today and using Benefit From TMS Education book for the last time ...bit sad, but we are moving so fast with the chariot! (I am bit attached to the book, due to the history of my past assignments- it was a good companion)
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    "Never Alone"

    Past Sunday while waiting for the brother to lead the service group after the meeting a video was playing on the monitor, and one I especially liked was about Joseph and his trial from being sold into Egypt. While it played a song although quietly, at that time I didn't know the name of it. So after we got our assignment I asked a brother the name of the video, and he said "Never Alone." It's absolutely soo beautiful! A little tear jerking I will admit, probably because of the way the brother sung it accompanied with the video, but then I'm nothing but a heave of emotions for things like that anyway. Enjoy it.
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    We are here on this planet no long at all.... some of us only 20,30 ..50 years etc. But Jehovah has already endured over 6000 years of this "Circus" on earth ...
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    All Things LDC

    Br. Tony, I don't think simplicity and "saving confusion" are strong suits for the Turtle. An old movie quote says "In confusion there is profit."
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    My ancestry DNA results!

    Dear Brother Jack; My husband's grandmother was one of Jehovah's Witnesses (she passed away before I married into the family) and I wanted to learn more about her.I thought that if nobody was going to be there for her in the new system, I wanted to be there. Although light-skinned, she had Arfican ancestry. Her great- great grandfather (my sons are generation 7) was the first African born black slave who settled in Prince Edward Island, Canada, (by way of Rhode Island MA.) He was originally from Western Africa (My guess Benin-Togo) as his name was Dengbo, the Mandinka based name with the common 'ngbo' letter combination. I met a student from Republic of Benin who told me his name Dengbo was common in her home land. I have 9 generations traced from him and 7 generations traced from my sons other African line. Two of our nieces have had ancestry tests done and Togo-Benin/ Nigeria showed up. This person, the first African born slave on Prince Edward Island, was unique in that he was born free (father was wealthy chief,) was captured into slavery, signed a manumission, bought his prospective wife out of slavery to marry him, and died free. It is unusual for this to happen in one life time. I have made a spread -sheet chart for my sons and their relatives to trace a straight shot to this ancestor( and their other African line up to 7 generations.). As I trace this family line, I have learned more and more about the history of the times. Dengbo Sickles was a very Bible based, spiritual man. I have his own words quoted from his anticipated demise. It's a small world and I am always astonished that Jehovah knew these people first. Thanks for the info. I have just discovered this thread. I am also impressed with snakes and all of Jehovah's creations.
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    Post a picture... Any picture

    We usually phone my wife's family in California about 12:01 AM EST Jan 1st, saying we are calling from the future.
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    So true. Really shows us how patient Jehovah is.
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    Post a picture... Any picture

    Absolutely and positively Yes! I step closer to the GT. [emoji298] Just Older [emoji856]
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    Post a picture... Any picture

    Hello from 2019! Sydney fireworks were a good show. I was asleep, but the mornings news gave a nice recap. Just Older [emoji856]
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    Post a picture... Any picture

    Some of our forum friends are already in next year....
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    Well, a brother and sister have been quarantined for mumps! Congregation is notified we've all been exposed. Sigh, going to be interesting in about 12-14 days.
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    That's an interesting text to start a new year.
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    Post a picture... Any picture

    Love the colors. Jehovah’s paint brush never runs out of beautiful colors
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    Post a picture... Any picture

    Today in the park...
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    My ancestry DNA results!

    Thought this could go in here... Just Older [emoji856]
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    Going to my meeting tonight, I'll be back later on, if Jehovah willing. Take care, don't hurt anyone...lol
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    Favorite Tabletop Games?

    Who else loves playing "Scotland Yard" like me? https://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/438/scotland-yard I prefer playing the role of "Mr. X" although I loose most times
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    Remember when....

    Remember when.... ...you always had to hunt down your highlighter or favorite pen or pencil before you could start studying for the meetings? I'm so thankful for the JW Library highlighters!
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    My ancestry DNA results!

    Well I got my results. Amazes me. I feel more of a closeness toward my Germanic roots. But then again I'm drawn to Quebec and England. IK, weird. My Auntie was wrong, no Polish in my blood. My Dad's mom was from Quebec so this shows those origins.
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    I remember spending a day with a special pioneer who would have an enormous rural territory, but she worked it by parking her car in the middle of it and then walking to her 8 to 12 return visits. That brother who .walked 9 to 11 hours to the Kingdom Hall in circuit work kind of called that mind - I was tired, but it was so encouraging!!
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    JW Broadcasting for December 2018

    JWB Dec 2018 Part 2 - 145th Gilead Graduation - The Inside Story transcript JWB Dec 2018 - 145th Gilead gradn - Part 2 - The Inside Story.pdf
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    Space notice on Windows Explorer

    It is good to remember that this small (500 mb) drive is always there. It was put there or made during the original installation. It contains some restore/recovery files. It is NOT supposed to have a user accessible "letter". When everything is correct, and you look in the file explorer for "this PC" you should only see letters that represent drives you can access. My drive D is a second hard drive I use for storage. I do have a "recovery partition" but it has not letter (see attached). The problem update assigned a letter to that partition. Windows checks the partitions to see if they are OK. This recovery area is full (as it should be). Since it now has a letter assigned, the program doing the checking thinks it is a problem that needs fixing. The others have showed how to remove the letter. As soon as the letter is gone, Windows won't check it anymore and the error will go away.
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    Resurrection Reunions

    Just as the faithful prophets remembered their forefathers or spoke of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob they will enjoy meeting them as we will enjoy meeting our ancestors, possibly following our history down to at least Noah. And seeing if we are related to any bible characters....Now THAT's a family tree!!
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