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    The nurse in charge of setting up Home Health Care came this morning. She stayed about 2 hours and collected a ton of information. On Tuesday, a guy is coming to evaluate my Mom's ability, or lack of ability, to care for herself. If she qualifies, the paperwork will be passed on to Medicare and her supplemental insurance company. If her insurance approves coverage, then, and only then , will my Mom be able to receive some medical assistance. Until then, we will continue to assist her in every way we are qualified to do so. Neither of us can draw blood or do a lab analysis for her Cumadin levels. In the meantime, I had to go back home because I have a doctor's appointment of my own tomorrow. Our baby sister will hopefully take my place until I can get back. She works full time but would be there for her after work. My brother Brother Peter does such an amazing job of caring for my Mom. I was able to handle all the stress of this past week, until she started saying hateful things about him behind his back. I reminded her of all that he has done/is doing for her and that without his help, she would be in a nursing home. Only, I didn't word it quite that nicely. I am ashamed and sorry that I lost my cool. But it wasn't her failing body that I couldn't handle. It is her failing mind. She sleeps 20 to 23 hours a day. Her waking hours are filled with fear and confusion. But, mostly she is frustrated. I am sure her frustration lends to some of her darker moments. She has no concept of what day, month or year it is. This morning, she wanted me to open the drapes so she could watch my sister Teri get on the school bus. My sister Teri is 49 years old. Besides being mean and nasty sometimes, there is the fixation. She keeps going on and on and on and on about wanting us to take her to some non-existent park to look for her mother's rings. (They went missing when they moved her from one hospital facility to another. They were stolen and reported stolen but are gone forever.) We can explain the reality of the situation until we are both blue in the face, but she refuses to believe us. My brother has driven her all around for hundreds of miles asking her to point out the park where she left the rings sitting on two wooden posts...just to humor her. She feels so badly that she is responsible for the loss of her mother's rings, so we try to explain that she didn't LOSE them, they were STOLEN from her. All to no avail. Dimentia is proof positive that we were never designed to grow so old. Thanks for allowing me to vent. ❤️❤️❤️
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    So, yesterday, being the bright personality I think I am (haha) ... I find a bright pink hat with black lace to wear in the field service yesterday ... sun is very harsh here in NZ ... walking along I go to put my hand on top of my hat to stop the breeze from blowing it away ... and there was this big fluffy bumblebee on top - must have thought it was the biggest pink daisy he'd ever seen. Man those bumble's can bite can't they? Expect sympathy from the brothers? Nup they couldn't stop laughing ... they now call me Bumble.
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    Very happy to say that the year 2019 marks for us 100 years out of darkness from Babylon the Great! Additionally, it marks the 105th year of Christ's rule in heaven (1914 A.D.), 2,021st year since Jesus was born on earth (2 B.C.E.), 4,391st year since the deluge (2370 B.C.E.), and 6,044th year since mankind's creation (4026 B.C.E.). More recently it's the 6th year since we first received the revised NWT (2013 A.D.), and the 5th year since the beginning of JW Broadcasting (2014 A.D.).
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    I dunno if I like that idea, I have a few scars that I'm kinda proud of. They tell the story of my life, a rode map, if you will....😉 ( all punctuation or spelling errors are intentional, intended for your amusement)
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    Wallpaper for 2019 yeartxt

    I made this one: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14xZNiq6wcDPXgHJ1GsAPjw134OpkYjd2/view?usp=drivesdk
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    Had the privilege of our Bethel representative and wife stay at our house for the weekend. Beautiful people and a brilliant weekend for us and the congregation. So encouraging!!
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    Canaries in the Coal Mine

    If anyone hasn't seen this program, it is really well presented talks, interviews and a short play all presented by Brothers and Sisters. Well worth the 2 .5 hours to watch. A powerful witness to be sure.
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    Post a picture... Any picture

    A little waterfall I saw on a country walk on 1 January with local brothers and sisters in Northern England.
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    We are here on this planet no long at all.... some of us only 20,30 ..50 years etc. But Jehovah has already endured over 6000 years of this "Circus" on earth ...
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    Try moki It's a sweet asian rice dough filled with ice cream - they are amazing or pocky - an asian sweet breadstick covered in chocolate or strawberry candy. ^_^
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    Donuts? LOL
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    Post a picture... Any picture

    I like the gray ones...
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    Thinking and praying for you brother. Please take care and lean on Jehovah in these difficult times.
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    Speaking disparagingly

    What I normally see is people discussing scriptures, talks, the ministry, and sometimes problems with other people. But this seems to be to ask for advice, not for any kind of enjoyment. Dealing with people and difficult situations can be really challenging sometimes. It's nice to be able to run situations by others for advice or a new perspective. There is great wisdom on the forum and I can say for a fact that I have personally benefited from it. Now occasionally there will be someone who seems to be maybe getting into things that maybe should not be their concern, but other members usually inform them of this. Perhaps they didn't realize, now they do. Live and learn. I'm quite active on this forum, but perhaps I have missed something?
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    Do we have a wish list for JWLibrary changes? I would like the magazine mp3s included in the Media > Audio section so you can listen to them without streaming..
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    In the paradise... Will we have bandaids?

    I guess we will hurt ourselves sometimes and will need bandaids and maybe iodine. For bigger wounds, we will need someone to sew the wound or a cast for broken bones. And surely some painkiller wouldn't hurt. What leads me to that conclusion is that Jehovah created us with a lot of wonderful healing mechanisms: our blood coagulates and stops the bleeding, flesh grows again and closes the wound, broken bones repair themselves and white blood cells and antibodies fight infections. Why would Jehovah endow us with all those healing systems if we were never going to need them? Jesus was a perfect man, yet when he was beaten it hurt and when cut he bled. He did not heal instantly or miraculously. When offered a painkilling drug while on the stake he refused it so that he could be in full control of his mind. That suggests that drugs have the same effect on perfect people as they have on us. And surely Jehovah created all those medicinal herbs and plants for a reason. Our publications show people building houses in paradise using helmets and gloves and safety equipment. Of course that's just an artist's imagination, but why would we wear those safety clothes if no one could get hurt?
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    My mother was born in 1919 but I don't think that has anything to do with Bible prophecy. Each of us can be thankful that we had the opportunity to learn the Truth. Each of us could have been contacted during he "last year" of this old system but it was not the time. Someday, someone will be the last person to accept the Truth in the "last day". Until then, keep on the watch and preach the Word.
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    Thank you for sharing, sister.
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    So true. Really shows us how patient Jehovah is.
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    JW Broadcasting for January 2019

    This thread helps me appreciate why our translators changed the "fruit of the spirit" from Long-Suffering" to "Patience"....
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    When Dalbyj and myself get together ... (which hasn't been as much as we would have liked) we aim to try different and unusual food. So far, it's only been Wasabi Chocolate and Deep Fried Ice cream balls. - both we could have done without. What do YOU want to try that you haven't before, and what do you recommend for Dalbyj and myself to try next time?
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    Post a picture... Any picture

    You do?
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    Speaking disparagingly

    Well there is always a balance with our communication style...that is a bit of a challenge at times.... We all have issues, problems and triumphant successes in life... The Bible is full of life experiences that have been shared with us... for the benefit of all. Some of those experiences came at the cost of ones’ egos and loss of face at that time. The difference is that the Bible is inspired and ours ....well.... are not. So when it comes to sharing or commenting on this forum.... we have to be careful that we are not keyboard warriors, putting errant brothers and sisters in “ their place” or what we may figure as their designated place. So usually the backspace button is a great tool when the figurative hairs on the back of our neck start to stand up in some form of righteousness indignation on our part.... We all suffer from foot in mouth syndrome at times ... so gentleness is always greatly appreciated .... it is a healing balm...
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    Post a picture... Any picture

    Took the pictures a few minutes ago. A baby mouse climbed on to my bed and wanted to eat leftovers in the food containers. The mouse comes to my room every day and keeps me company by making noises around or under my bed. Today it even came and sniffed my elbow a few times as I lay in bed surfing the web.
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