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    Do you enjoy playing violent video games? Then you can't avoid military service. That appears to be the message South Korea is sending conscientious objectors. Prosecutors said they were investigating whether a number of men seeking exemption from military service played "online shooting games" in the past. "We need to verify their genuine faith. So we need to examine their personal life," an official with the prosecutors office on the southern island of Jeju told CNN. "We check whether they had been attending (religious) service. Checking their history with shooting games is another method." hat ruling came after a decades-long fight by conscientious objectors, many of them Jehova's Witnesses, to push back against the country's stringent military service law, under which all men between the ages of 18 and 35 are required to perform at least 21 months of service in the South Korean armed forces. Since then, however, conservative politicians and prosecutors have attempted to get around the court's ruling, by, for example, requiring conscientious objectors to carry out more stringent -- and potentially more dangerous -- forms of non-military service. Following an earlier ruling by a constitutional court ordering the government to provide alternate ways to serve for objectors, the right-wing Liberty Korea Party put forward a bill to force objectors to perform 44 months -- double the usual length -- of service, including mine sweeping and other dangerous activities. "This is a form of retaliatory punishment against conscientious objectors that is anachronistic and in violation of human rights," South Korea's Hankyoreh newspaper said in an editorial at the time. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/01/11/asia/conscientious-objector-south-korea-gaming-intl/index.html
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    I knew it all along!!! ALF is real! [emoji1787]
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    https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/radio-signals-fast-radio-bursts-frbs-galaxy-signal-repeated-space-scientists-a8719886.html I'm sure this will spark a lot of "alien talk" in the media soon.
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    Watchtower Library on DVD

    Now all the contents of the DVD are on WOL too. If you have access to internet from your computer, you don't really need the DVD anymore. Although many users still prefer to do searches in the DVD.
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    JW Broadcasting for January 2019

    Ugly Baby..... [emoji6] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
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    The Catholic Church must embrace homosexual kinship among the clergy, Philippines’ leader Rodrigo Duterte has said in his latest attack on the Vatican… just after calling on the population to rob and even kill “useless” bishops. https://www.rt.com/news/448528-duterte-gay-catholic-bishops/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS
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    Probably brother Pete’s hearing aid. He always has to tilt his head the right way to get the feedback and interference to go away.
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    Facebook a "Cult"?

    I understand your reference to attitude and how it influences thinking but I don't think you can compare apostasy to unhappiness in the workplace, where you need to go along with company policy and often have to put up with bullying and harrassment just to keep your job. How do you know these people thought it was a wonderful place to work before they left? The article doesn't say that and if they were so happy and it was so wonderful, why did they leave? A massive company like FB will always 'own' its employees and dictate how they will act and think. What do you think would have been the result of them speaking out while still employees?
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    Friends just call me Ross

    Nuns on the run!

    Is saying the rosary an olympic event now? "Mother Superior could have had a gold medal in the speed bead, but she missed the podium by a two hail Marys and a glory be." It is a bad habit of hers.
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    Jw Library

    Are you changing the language from the Meetings page? Try changing it to other languages, and see what happens.
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    Same here. Changes are hard for us old folks.☺️
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    Ultima-Thule Pictures

    This is a very interesting discovery. It's fascinating that we can detect a body that is only a few kilometers long from such a huge distance. When the Bible says that Satan is restricted to the Earth, it doesn't refer to a physical limitation. Satan is a spirit, he's not limited by space. Rather, what the Bible means is that, while in the past Satan had access to heaven and could interact to some degree with Jehovah and the angels, he can't do that anymore. Satan is not interested in visiting new planets or discovering asteroids. He is limited to Earth because Earth is the only place where people live. Of course, the astronauts onboard the International Space Station or any other spacecraft up there are under Satan's influence as well.
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    Jw Library

    Thank you very much This did work 😉 Never would thought on that!
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    (deleted, misread)
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    Auxillary pioneering this month so I can sit in on that top secret meeting with the new CO
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    JW Broadcasting for January 2019

    He's a very loving and humble brother. We had him this past May for our RC. I went up to shake his hand but could hardly control my emotions from my daughter about to die. He was very comforting. Sadly I missed his last talk on Sunday.
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    Brother Jack

    Canaries in the Coal Mine

    I haven’t watched the whole video yet. At fisrt I didn’t know the young ones in the play were witnesses so I thought it was very powerful when she shaved his head. Still powerful to say the least.
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